“Only one will survive”: Suicide in the style of a royal battle took place in the Moscow region

Law enforcement officers of the Moscow region find out the circumstances of the student’s death Odintsovo branch of the International Law Institute… The sources of the TV channel told about it “360“.

The incident took place on September 14 in the village of Vlasikha. The body of a young man was found in one of the apartments. He was 19 years old.

The main version of death is suicide. At the same time, the student’s mobile phone aroused the interest of law enforcement officers.

According to an insider, before passing away, the student received a message from an unnamed computer game that read: “You and 99 players. Only one will survive“.

As you can imagine, the message clearly referred to the battle royale genre, when 100 players fight on one map, and only one can survive. However, not all details of the tragedy are known.

TV channel “360” claims that the message allegedly came from a computer game (the version about advertising is not specified), but other sources stated that it was just an SMS. REN-TV generally suggested that this is a variation “Blue whale“.

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