Only hucksters will save: In the USA, Oculus Quest VR helmets are completely sold

US buyers face shortages of standalone virtual reality helmets Oculus quest. Due to the hype around the Christmas holidays, gamers took apart most of the sets.

Official site still accepts orders, but deliveries are expected no earlier than February 20, 2023 for the version of the helmet with 64 GB of memory. Deliveries of the 128 GB version are expected no earlier than February 18, 2023.

As for retail chains, they sold their stocks. We are talking about Amazon, Best buy, Gametop, Newegg, Walmart, Microcenter and B&H Photo Video.

Also not available for sale Oculus linkturning Oculus Quest into a full helmet Oculus rift. However, VR helmet kits can be purchased through eBay and from independent sellers on Amazon, but in this case, pay $ 200 on top.

The above problems also do not affect the European region, where you can still safely purchase Oculus Quest.

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