One of the most intriguing games of the fall: Sharing our impressions of Tales of Arise

Some time ago I already wrote about the first demo version Tales of arise, where you could get acquainted with the basic game mechanics and skills of the main cast of characters. At the end of July, the company Bandai namco invited us to try out the final build. A version limited to the first world and the boss was offered to the press for review.

We talked about battles last time, but I would like to note that with a more detailed acquaintance with the combat system, Tales of Arise began to resemble a little Souls games. The character under your control can dodge the attacks of enemies with a roll and, in the case of perfect evasion, is able to inflict a counterstrike. In addition, while holding down the “Swallow Strike” reception button, you can draw a fire sword and inflict special damage on the enemy. Co-op attacks are now scripted and serve as a transition when changing boss behavior.

Resting places have been added to the map, where characters can prepare food with special properties from ingredients collected during travels. Depending on the chosen chef, food can provide additional bonuses. The development also received a system of titles that are unlocked depending on certain conditions or bought for units of experience. Titles give additional abilities and skills to characters. Otherwise, the developers of Tales of Arise focus on the story, which is well developed here.

At the center of events is the warlike and technologically advanced race of the Renyans, which, with the help of spaceships and lasers, seized control of a neighboring planet and divided it into five parts. Now the rulers of the five Renian kingdoms are engaged in a kind of battle, trying to determine the supreme emperor. Along the way, they exploit the local population – Danians, forcing them to work hard to the point of exhaustion. However, the real reason for using backward technologies will be revealed as you progress through the game.

Tales of Arise players will begin as a mysterious man in an iron mask who has lost his memory. Later, he is joined by the Renian Princess Shion, who possesses a sphere of power and allows the use of a powerful weapon – a flaming sword. By the end of the available game segment, the characters get together with the rebels to the castle of Glanymede, where the first game boss is located – Lord Bolzef, the ruler of the kingdom of fire, Calaglia.

For the three hours allotted for the introductory game section, one can note the unpretentious structure of the levels, the ability to dodge enemies and a really interesting beginning of the story, which draws out outdated graphics in places. At the same time, the creators actively use scenes on the engine, combined with traditional Japanese animation.

Random conversations around the campfire and during the journey are made in the form of comic strips. During the first hours of the game, there are several highlights and really unexpected plot twists that explain some of the questions that arise as you immerse yourself in the game world. With the presence of Russian localization, Tales of Arise looks like one of the most intriguing and interesting projects of this fall.

The game will premiere on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on September 10, 2023. Read our big interview with Tales of Arise producer Yusuke Tomizawa here

Author: Alexander Loginov (xtr)

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