One last time before infinity

 Marvel vs Capcom 3 review


It seems that the long wait between Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is destined to become just a bad memory: the Japanese company is now very busy and more than determined to invest on the lucky crossover that has become a regular event for lovers fighters and for those who, tournaments, also just love watching them.


If it is true that it is difficult to beat the technicalities and depth of Street Fighter V , it is equally true that few brawlers manage to excite both those who play and those who support, as the last clash between the parallel universes of Marvel Comics and Capcom.


Close to the announcement of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, the new episode that will arrive in 2017 with many changes to the well-established formula, comes the conversion for PlayStation 4 of the second version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. But this time it will be ” definitive “in the true sense of the word?

Capcom moves the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 battlefield to PlayStation 4


The trophies are the same already unlockable in the versions PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, then 1 trophy of platinum, 2 of gold, 11 of silver and 33 of bronze. You will have to play a lot to gain the points necessary to acquire certain trophies and perform some special actions in combat.


One would say that a collision of universes of this size should have a meaningful story, but it is certainly not the case of  marvel vs capcom 3 ultimate:beyond the global threat represented by the giant Galactus, the final boss in the Arcade mode , there is practically nothing that justifies the meeting of so many different characters, if not the evergreen desire to lead the hands.


Perhaps this is also what makes the single player sector a bit disappointing, rather monotonous and primitive since the first release of 2011 despite the retrospective implementation of the Heroes and Araldians mode that allows a minimum level of customization, relying on a backstory to say the least. little transparent.


 Marvel vs capcom 3 ps4 is, in short, fanservice hard and pure in all respects, even if the roster, at least at first glance, gives a totally different impression.Among the fighters chosen by Capcom to represent the two universes are the inevitable Ryu, Iron Man, Dante and Wolverine, for example, but to which we add less popular figures like Tron Bonne and Frank West side Capcom or MODOK and the Super Skrull side Marvel .


There in the middle, between famous characters and others practically unknown, hovers a gray area in which the most avid fans of comics or video games will certainly recognize favorites like the likes of Zero or X-23, perhaps demonstrating that at home Capcom still follows some trend.


In spite of what the roster can transmit, there is still talk of fifty different wrestlers, without the clones or the variants that impinged the boundless selection screen in  marvel vs capcom 3: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game includes from the beginning

One last time before infinity
One last time before infinity

The beauty of  marvel vs capcom 3 pc is however in the diversity and imagination that characterize the moveset of the various characters: they are all different and full of personality, easy to memorize but extremely complicated to master perfectly. In the respect of fidelity to the original release.


There is still some general problem of imbalance that still makes us turn up our nose: in the hands of an experienced player, some wrestlers are able to leave no way out to their opponents, cheating them almost endless combos without those can react or break the assault if not through the use of the so-called X-Factor, a devastating temporary enhancement capable of overturning the fate of a match.


This is a fundamental problem of the gameplay with which you have to come to terms if you want to play at certain levels, especially online, and that basically split the opinion of the public in two, dividing it among those who have loved this chapter of the saga madly and those who, on the other hand, have deeply detested it since the early days:  marvel vs capcom 3 ps3  is an immediate and highly spectacular title, but also very chaotic.


We must first learn to read the action in the chaos of particle effects, explosions and cannon fire that fill the entire screen, which probably divides more casual players from those who seem to win by pressing keys at random even if they can actually see a secret order in the roar of battle.

 Marvel vs capcom 3 characters

Characters Marvel  Capcom Characters [8]
Captain America Akuma
Deadpool Dante
Dr. Doom Amaterasu
Dormammu Sir Arthur
Hulk Chris Redfield
Iron Man Chun Li
Magneto Crimson Witter
M.O.D.O.K. Albert Wesker
Woman-Hulk Jill Valentine
Shuma Gorat Mike Haggar
Super-Skrull Ryu
Thor The Throne of Bonn
Wolverine Handsome Joe
X-23 Zero
Spacecraft Trish
Storm Nathan Spencer
Sentinel Hsienyoku
Phoenix Felicia