On the Russian WoW Classic server, a raid of shamans killed Ragnaros – review

Not only the famous and legendary guild Method experimenting with raid lineups (recall, the other day, players went through the Ni’alota Awakening City raid on heroic difficulty by magicians alone).

On the Russian server Zmeytalak classic version World of warcraft An unusual raid also took place. Guild with the expressive name “We are Lucky We Play“Cleared the raid” Fiery open spaces “by the shamanic staff.

Initially, there were only eight shaman-healers in the squad. But gradually their number began to increase, until these classes took up all 40 places. The final boss, Ragnaros, was killed by nine shaman-healers and 24 elementary shaman.

The rest acted in the Improvement specialization, including the only tank: during the entire raid, it attracted the attention of monsters with the help of Earth Shock.

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