Official: Naughty Dog Confirms The Development Of A Standalone Multiplayer Game For PlayStation 5

Naughty dog officially confirmed the development of the first fully multiplayer game in its history.

Information about this appeared on the NaughtyDogJobs Twitter account, where open vacancies are published. Yesterday the studio released a new post about finding developers specifically for a multiplayer project.

More than a dozen different positions are mentioned in the attached list, including a designer of economics and monetization.… The developers note that it will be an independent multiplayer action game with “cinematic interaction between players.”

Most likely, we are talking about a project in the universe Last of us based on the canceled multiplayer from the sequel.

Recall that in September 2019, the studio openly abandoned the online mode in The Last of Us: Part II, focusing on the story campaign, but hinted that in the future, fans will receive a separate online game. Subsequently, the development of a multiplayer project was repeatedly reported by insiders and there was direct evidence in vacancies.

Also recently, one of the data miners discovered hidden multiplayer assets in the game, some of which indicated a possible battle royale mode.

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