“Well, Bart is turning the omelet in the Orwellian way! 
Exit next August 15, Observerhe puts us in the role of neural detective Daniel Lazarski, also known as the Observer. Our purpose is just to read the minds of possible criminals and suspects in order to find unclear textures.

The matter is almost immediately complicated, however, when our son receives a call from his son, an engineer at Chiron but for some reason residing in C class in Cracow, the area destined for the poor wretched without money, art or part .

A vision that once again reminds of Orwell’s suggestions, but also of the notorious Huxley’s New Brave World. Once we arrived, we were asked to investigate what happened, and it was in those early days that the game showed what we seem to be, at least two weeks after the exit, the salient features of the experience offered.

We can say that Observer focuses primarily on focus on exploration of environments, interaction with objects and NPCs and resolution of puzzles. In the hours spent with Lazarski, in fact, we were called upon to scout crime scenes with special thermal, night and electromagnetic visuals.

We have been able to analyze objects of interest, proofs, identification cards, computers and more. In the game phases covered by our test, the title has suggested a very rhythm and often slow in the phases of dialogue, which in any case suggest the choice of different phrases and approaches.

Spending time with the tenants of the manor house as well as with the caretaker has allowed us to get precious information about possible suspicious activities in progress and to locate the apartment of Lazarski’s son.

Obviously, we are glimpsing on the details of the story related to these breaches, on which we will go back to the review phase; but now, however, it is possible to say that the plot with the strong colors cyberpunk will represent the pillar of the entire production.


I see and I predict
As expected Lezerski looks like a disillusioned character, and particularly used to the things of the world, but unlike other detective ours can rely on modern technology miracles, that allow it to creep into the unfortunate memory to which you address its attentions. During our trials we were able to get into the mind of a certain character and the experience, as foreseeable, was peculiar.

To get a comparison term, you can remake yourself of the recent Get Even , which somehow faced the same dynamics: even in the case of Observer , in fact,we have been able to see very unusual scenes, with environments that were repeated in maze, or on walls that disintegrated at our pace to reveal dream scenarios where the sad post-Soviet setting turned into unformed places .

Throughout this swirling sequence of ever-increasing sequences, we have witnessed some fragments of the subject’s memory, which have revealed us useful details for our investigation.

To support these phases we found an exploratory gameplay, which essentially asked us to cross the various places in the mind of the unfortunate. No shootings or puzzles are particularly complicated, so for an experience that has left us some desire to understand where it is going to address the story.

Mind Crash
Graphic Observer offers deliberately 3D dimensional graphics that design decadent post-Soviet postures and are able to create quite an immediate cyberpunk universe convincingly.

During our tests, from a technical point of view, we have witnessed many unrelated crashes, at least as far as we are concerned, at particular events or triggers. Fortunately, after some tests we have disabled the V-sync and most of the problems have disappeared.