Nyusha wet herself without clothes and knelt

Singer and actress Anna Shurochkina, known as Nyusha, uploaded fresh footage on the network, in which the celebrity took off all that was superfluous, got wet and knelt in front of the camera.

According to Gamebomb.ru, Nyusha published new photos in her Instagram account, and the publication quickly gained tens of thousands of likes. In new photographs, Nyusha was photographed almost without any clothes on the beach. The star soaked herself in seawater, and then turned to the camera with her nut. In addition, in one picture, Nyusha even decided to kneel in an unusual pose, allowing fans to see themselves from that angle. Fans of Nyusha were pleased with what they saw and discussed the appearance of the singer in the comments.

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Publication by Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) Jan 14, 2023 @ 6:29 am PST

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Published by Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) Dec 18, 2019 at 8:18 PST

Fans of Nyusha considered the star “unbelievable” in new photos, and even wrote that from the contemplation of a celebrity in such poses they have “only philosophical thoughts in their head”. Others directly commented on Nyusha’s nut, calling it cool, and compared it to a soccer ball. Some fans expressed their disappointment with Nyusha’s publications, and wrote that the girl should sell herself and her pictures in men’s magazines.

Singer Nyusha released her first album in 2010, and the second disc of the singer was released in 2014, Gamebomb.ru reports. Nyusha also tried herself as an actress in a theater, TV series and cinema, as well as as a presenter in various shows.