NS Kunkka Harsh Cosplay

Streamer and analyst Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov showed a cosplay for the character Kunkka from Dota 2. In a new image, he appeared live on Twitch, and also posted photos on Instagram.



Kuznetsov appeared in a new suit during the broadcast of matches ESL One Fall 2022… During the stream, NS showed a pirate hat, headband, and a cape on the shoulders. In addition, the analyst put makeup on his face in the form of a scar.

Previously, NS presented a cosplay for Crystal Maiden. He showed the suit for the first time during the broadcast of matches. WePlay AniMajor 2022… Later, Kuznetsov published photos – in them he showed the Aurora wolf cub, which is included in the Frost Avalanche set.

Source: twitch.tv/just_ns