NPD Analyst: See No Reason To Think Xbox Game Pass Is Negatively Impacting Game Sales

Analyst Matt Piscatellarepresenting the company NPDtracking statistics on the American market, does not see the negative impact of the service Xbox Games Pass corporations Microsoft on the sale of games. The specialist told about this in his personal blog.

As Piscatella wrote, discussing the current state of the gaming market, now there is simply no reason to believe that Games Pass decreases sales of gaming software… Moreover, the analyst believes that the service could potentially have the opposite effect.

“Until now, I do not see any reason to believe that Game Pass is eating away potential game sales. But there are still prerequisites that due to the network effect, sales on the contrary can grow. In the near future, this dispute will not fade away,” – wrote Piscatella.

Later, answering a question from one of the users, Matt Piscatella added that to build any long-term projections of global impact Game pass it is still very early for the industry as a whole – the market is slowly adapting to such innovations, so for now it remains only to patiently wait.

“The games industry is very conservative and has been very slow moving forward, especially when it comes to understanding and adopting new distribution models, pricing processes, and advertising strategies. We have to wait a few more years,” added Matt Piscatella.

In the foreseeable future, the site Games Pass will develop, remaining one of the main pillars of Microsoft’s gaming business. The corporation hopes to make the platform available to the widest possible audience, including those outside of the Xbox consoles. This process will be carried out thanks to cloud technologies and streaming.

Cooperative shooter Outriders remains in the US charts for the second consecutive month on Xbox, despite the availability of the service Game pass from the first day. Baseball simulator MLB The Show 21, who also got into the subscription at the start, ended April in second place on the bestseller list Xbox one and Xbox series x

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