Not to be distinguished: Lily James appeared in the iconic image of Pamela Anderson for the new series “Pam and Tommy”

On the open spaces of the network there were new photos from the set of the upcoming Hulu TV series “Pam and tommy“where you can appreciate the amazing transformation Lily james a famous model and actress Pamela Anderson

The footage shows how a star “Baby on a drive“participates in filming a scene inspired by the series”Malibu safeguards“, being in the iconic image of Pamela Anderson, and for a more organic transformation into a star Playboy The 32-year-old British actress wears a matching wig and fake chest. With all this in mind, getting into the image of the famous blonde is beyond praise.

The mini-series “Pam and Tommy” will be dedicated to the sensational novel by Pamela Anderson and the musician Tommy Lee, who got married in 1995 96 hours after they met and lived together for three years. Also, the plot of the show, consisting of eight episodes, will touch upon a sex scandal associated with a videotape on which the couple’s home video was captured.

Previously, the leading actors published photographs in which fans for the first time were able to see the amazing reincarnation of Lily James and the stars of the cinematic universe Marvel Sebastian Stan to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

The director’s chair for the miniseries is Craig Gillespiewho made the film “Tonya against everyone“and preparing for the premiere”Cruella” from Emma Stone… The timing of the premiere of the project has not yet been announced.

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