Noita’s festive spirit of “snowy” update appears in Noita’s pixel bagel

Shortly before Christmas studio Nolla games released major “snowy” update for its magic bagel Noita. Snowy Update adds fifteen new spells for the heroine to the game, five new magic substances and a selection of previously unseen enemies.

The main innovation is the snow itself, which allows you to glide like on a sled or to help opponents fall into the abyss. And he is not the only weather supplement: in random order you can see another five climatic varieties.

The developers have added the New Game + mode, which allows you to start a new game with certain introductory conditions. In the course of research, it will also be possible to come across a strange creature in a certain location. In addition, the creators promised that in the coming days in Noita you can feel the festive spirit.

Noita in early access in September Steam and received extremely positive reviews. During the sale, the game can be bought for 320 rubles.