No More Heroes creator and Deadly Premonition father are still planning to release a joint horror movie Hotel Barcelona

Formally announced back in 2019 indie horror Hotel Barcelonacreated by game designers Goichi Courts and HidetakiSwery65Suehiro, not canceled – the developers continue to discuss the project and are looking for an opportunity to launch it into active production.

The development status of Hotel Barcelona was personally updated by Goichi Suda, answering a question from one of the fans during the AMA session on the platform RedditThe Japanese game designer explained that even despite the difficulties caused by his work schedule, as well as the global pandemic, no one forgot about the announced horror.

“I keep in touch with Swery65, we talk about every 2-3 months. Even in the COVID environment, we continue to discuss how to bring Hotel Barcelona to life. It is very important to find the right time here, since my schedule is extremely limited by current projects,” explained Goichi Ships.

Recall that Hotel Barcelona should be an experimental horror movie with a relatively small budget (about $ 1 million) and easy-to-learn gameplay.

According to previously announced plans, Keiichiro Toyama, the father of the series, is also involved in the creation of Hotel Barcelona. Silent Hill… The publisher of the project should be the company Devolver digital

Hotel Barcelona was inspired by the horror franchise for Soudou and Suehiro Sirenwhich Toyama created after being fired from Konami and joining Sony… Deadly Premonition author is also inspired by works David Lynch, namely the third season of the series “Twin Peaks“.

The venue for the game will be a hotel, but not the fact that it will be based in Barcelona. Hidetaka Suehiro is interested in creating a “bad hero”. Perhaps, by controlling it, the players will be forced to kill people

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