Nintendo Switch Concept UFO Hybrid Gaming Transformer Computer Unveiled at CES 2023

Owned by Dell company Alienware presented at the current exhibition CES 2023 prototype of a new gaming product. New called Concept UFO is a portable tablet-type gaming computer with attachable controllers. The concept of the device as two drops of water is similar to Nintendo switch, with the only difference being that Concept UFO does not use a proprietary operating system, but is based on Windows 10that opens up access to a wide library of games.

As with the Nintendo Switch, Alienware development supports several modes of operation at once. If desired, the user can combine the side controllers in half into a full-fledged gamepad and use them separately from the central unit, and the device itself has a folding stand for convenient location of the device on the table. The ability to play on TV, of course, is also present, and an additional docking station is not required for this – the connection is made directly via USB-C.

Continuing the comparison with the Nintendo Switch, the Concept UFO is hardly a portable solution. The device is equipped with an 8-inch display with a resolution 1200p and in all dimensions significantly exceeds the standard Switch, not to mention the Lite version. It is important to understand that so far it is only a prototype, and not a final product.

About the Concept UFO hardware, all that is known is that it serves as the central processor Intel Core 10th generation. Detailed specifications of the gadget were not disclosed to anyone, but reporters managed to play on the device in F1 2019 and World war z. The first one was launched in a portable and gave out slightly above 30 FPS by eye, while the second one was tested when connected to a TV with a frame rate close to 60 FPS. There are no specific figures at the moment, but according to the sensations in stationary mode, the device works with greater productivity than in portable.

Alienware says nothing about plans for a commercial version of Concept UFO.

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