That walrus and other seals in the Night in the Woods, an unusual adventure game for quite a while in development, not (if I did not notice them, correct me, please!).

But there is an anthropomorphic cat and birds that make up a significant part of the population of the town of Possum Springs. Conventional zoomorphic cats and birds there, too, by the way, are found, though not play an important role – as well as the ubiquitous nimble squirrels and raccoons ravaging trash cans.

However, the latter, as elsewhere exposed smiling pumpkins on Halloween, give a good understanding that this is a typical American (or Canadian, as a variant of) town.

This binding to the development of the plot location (of course, important for him and the general scenario of the canvas) is both weak and strong point of the game.

Many specific moments or slang can easily alienate Night in the Woods of people who have grown up in a different culture; when viewed from this angle, then similar in theme and mood Gone Home, and Life is Strange seem more universal and understandable to a wide audience.

However, in Night in the Woods, if we consider it formally and stiffly, in general very much it may seem unusual, unaccustomed, causes a slight dissonance.

For example, the main character, a cat named Mei Borowski, dropped out of college and returned to his home although she was only twenty years old, it can already be called a real kidalty seeking to avoid any responsibility and live like a preteen.

Or a good friend Greg heroine – as Bezbashenny by and large, and easily falls in childhood, but it already has experience of long and stable relationship with a balanced and serious young man.

Periodically heroes arrange musical rehearsals, but the mini-games from them was very so-so.

Contrast to this pair serves Bea – always dark, sarcastic without producing cigarette mouth constantly wearing a black dress Ankh.

Old faithful friend; it is possible to force a smile and even laugh, but for a carefree Mae is a man from another world, a world in which just go to another city to study is simply impossible, because there are responsibilities that can not be here so take and give up.

Since returning to the Possum Springs Mae carefully avoids talking about why she dropped out of college and ignores any suggestion that it would be nice to find a job.

Instead, she prefers to wander around the city, chatting with others (special interest in her is today’s young people, for which she Mae almost old aunt) and hanging out with Greg or Bea (yes, even the strict and serious girl heroine manages to draw in their dirty work).

And until a certain time, all is well: charming, slightly sleepy town, dotted with colorful fallen leaves, pleasant lightness of being, stupid entertainment like edakogo baseball with bottles instead of balls accidentally bust of alcohol at the party – a normal set for a teenager of fifteen years. But Mae, as we remember, not fifteen, and the farther away, the greater grows the chasm between her and the others, including the people closest.

May, despite his infantilism, is not stupid and not devoid of empathy: if it is not always aware that it had not done so, the conscience she wakes up anyway, and her naive attempts to make amends to make to see it as not antigeroinyu, as usual by and large a Woman, even with its shortcomings.

In principle, if the story Night in the Woods, a sad and funny at the same time, be limited to this line of Mei and her close friends, the game would be almost perfect. But – alas – as in the case of Life is Strange, has not done without any detective or without mystical line.

And if the game Dontnod these layers of history at least intrigued and bothered gameplay, in the case of the Night in the Woods is worse.

Almost every night Mei nightmares, during which have to deal with boring platforming, over and over again – and no particular depth scenario, these segments do not give. Secondly, and ending isolation: it would seem that it’s time to focus on the changes that (do not) have taken place in May, the authors hit in boring conspiracy.

It could even be perceived as a kind of postmodern joke,