Night in the Woods

If Life is Strange was a constant search for the identity of a teenager, the work of Infinite Fall is the next step: when you finish the “teen” years in English, you reach your twenties and your life is as unfocused as when you finished high school . A feeling w


ith which any player can identify regardless of their age, because we have all lived through those years full of doubts where the future seemed to escape from our hands while we were still trying to find out what we wanted to do with it.


Night in the Woods is a work that affects very different ways depending on your generation. I approach more from the memory and nostalgia, but it is clear that the work of Infinite Fall is more aimed at the digital native player, who shares age and


generation with Mae , a young (cat) post-teenager who returns to his hometown of Possum Springs after leaving university, not really knowing what to do next and hoping to reconnect with the friends he left behind and who followed their lives.



The magic of this adventure is almost exclusively focused on the narration are the beautiful dialogues that accompany each of the characters. Both Mae and his friends Gregg, Angus and Bea are always credible because they talk about real issues, written from a perspective with which it is very easy to identify. A kind of Smell Like Teen Spirit of ne

w generation embodied in each of the small scenes that make up the chapters of the game. The dialogues with the rest of the inhabitants of Possum Springs as well as our parents maintain the level even though they do not enjoy the same depth.


Night in the Woods is pure narration and pure dialogue

As if I did not want to forget that it is a videogame, it adds interactive elements in the form of mini – games or small moments where we are given control of an action so as not to forget the medium in which it is located. Sometimes, it works, like the obvious homage to the musical genre of games like Guitar Hero, without offering any type of

tutorial or having mercy with the player in terms of difficulty, because he knows that if you are playing Night in the Woods, you have taken so
me once a plastic guitar. Highlights DemonTower, which can be accessed through Mae’s laptop, because it has so much depth and so solid mechanics that you’re practically buying two games for one. The rest, however, are mere interactions that struggle to not seem that you are simply pressing buttons from time to time. The
most representative: the dreams of Mae , moments where the game seems to want to justify its environment, that although beautiful in the aesthetic, can become tedious by the slowness of movements and their comings and goings on the stage.


Night in the Woods analysis

Gregg rulez ok

Night in the Woods is pure narration and pure dialogue . Here I have not had to review at any time the names of the protagonists of the

adventure, because they are engraved by fire thanks to the charisma that they give off. All this in a story that has the courage to develop very slowly without neglecting its quality. And that is precisely why I do not finish understanding, or at least sharing, its end .


Night in the Woods PC

The town of Possum Springs has many shops that have been changing with the passage of time. The reason is obvious: Internet.

I mean, I do understand it. It is important to talk about it and believe me that we will not release any spoilers. I understand exactly what has motivated the authors to create a last third of the game endowing it with a dark and supernatural atmosph


ere and I know what the message is behind the issue. But I firmly believe that Night in the Woods did not need it. In an industry that struggles daily to praise works that come off its most notorious clichés, simply, Night in the Woods did not need to alter the tone


in such a drastic way to close its plot. It did not require any kind of existential mysticism to identify with Mae’s doubts, because we have all experienced them.


Do not throw these last paragraphs back. Night in the Woods is a great game and the last third of the adventure is being debated right now in wh


atever thread you enter. But the conclusion is clear: even if you do not enjoy this stretch, nothing can take away the good bow that make up your other two thirds of the game. His replayability, in addition, is assured to be able to discover much more of the history of the other personages, because although our choices in the dialogs do not finish to be translated in a


solid consequence, yes we are able to reveal in following games a great portion of the history hidden from our friends and other inhabitants of Possum Springs.