NieR: Automatic

Paranoid Android
Starting from a non-state-of-the-art base technician for modern production, the PC version of NieR: Automata offers a rather small number of settings, which fail to provide a wide range of options for a complete and unlimited customization. In addition to three graphic presets (low, medium, and high), the quality of shadows and effects can be set according to the sam
e parameters, along with texture filters, anti-aliasing, blur, environmental occlusion, V-Sync and resolution. The latter, when you go to the 1080s and display the full screen game, does not exactly give the impression of returning the desired result, and with configurations that mount some graphics cards may appear annoying black bands. During our test, it never happened, but for completeness it is necessary to inform you that this eventu
ality exists and that – at the moment – the only way to remove them is to rely on third-party programs. The incidence of this and other problems that we will soon see is often confined to AMD cards, but there are also cases where Nvidia’s
“7” offers side by side these critical issues. However, we want to reassure you: the cases are sporadic and we have tried the game on a PC that assembles an i7, 16 GB Ram and a GTX 780 OC, never happened. However, it happened only during the first few hours – some crashes were a bit odd: the image was blocked but the game audio and the menu clearly felt in the background, as if everything went on smoothly. This, unfortunately,Graphics that, am
ongst other things, requires minimal and highly recommended requirements when compared to what NieR: Automata is able to offer from this point of view, with sometimes obscure scenarios and textures on the elements of the unspokenenvironment. Pop-up episodes are also highlighted, especially in the larger scenarios, demonstrating that it is not the technical sector to be proud of the Platinum Games labeled work.
Nonetheless, this is all about issues that do not have an exaggerated weight on the enjoyability of the game; is not, in the end, anything that a simple patch can not fix.
NieR: Automatic
High speed bullets

Beyond the code stability, not granitic even with top-of-the-range configurations, Radeon card users may run into crashes still before reaching the first rescue point, so we recommend that you monitor the situation pending a fix that can fix this annoying problem.
During our test, we suddenly found the game in the window, rather than in full screen, with the mouse cursor that remained in the center of the screen while playing with the pad. Of course, in confronting the most obvious problems, these are inebriates, and there are also other ones that can be considered minor or even minor bugs, if inserted into the game context.
As far as the frame rate is concerned, with high-end configurations, you can easily keep 60fps for almost the entire duration of the game, with some sporadic drops occurring in some game situations that are not necessarily heavy to handle. With our configuration we were between 45 and 50 frames per second, stuttering episodes have hardly ever been verified and overall enjoyability has always remained very high. In the case of slowdowns, however, it is enough to disable V-Sync or force less anti-aliasing to minimize them significantly.
It should also be specified that, for some reason, all intermittent scenes are blocked at 30 frames per second, and in general with medium configurations, fps in game are very dynamic but never fall below this threshold.