NieR: Automatic

Taro Yoko has always been able to focus on incredibly strong narrative elements and able to convey feelings that usually in video games it is not easy to collect. Going to insist on the difficult subject of life and death, the right to existence, putting cyborgs to fight against something that is not yet known, allows us to continue to think about our actions and what we are really doing it.


Over the course of our two hours of trying, this aspect has gone slightly in the background, but it was the conclusion that has raised in us questions and doubts that have had the greatest post-mortem of our hands on: the clash with what looked like a completely naked human being absent because he was deprived of his genital organs asked us if we were fighting on the side of justice


, if we were really the paladins that we should seem to be. On the other hand, the right, at times, is undoubtedly relative and subjective, so Taro Yoko could have slipped into such a situation that we would define borderline with so many questions and, for now, very few answers.

NieR: Automatic

NieR Automaticcomes with a hectic gameplay, a strong brand of Platinum Games, which have always offered, in their history, a frenzy that keeps


the video game player always glued to the screen and never ready to distract. That’s why we’ve been enjoying ever-growing fun, because if we were in the early stages facing the same session last December, which was also replicated in the demo distributed at the end of last year, in the subsequent NieR Automata you are completely open, like a rose showing its bud, opening the petals. After being awakened in a black and white proposal structure, in 2B, 9S talk, we set the characteristics of our a


ndroid, deserving of a total revision: everything is faithfully realistic, almost to make us feel inside the 2B head. With these stylistic minorities, which are still appreciated, we have come to the open world we were eager to test since the last test when we could not evaluate what happens in NieR when we finish our initial mission. What came before our eyes was a vast green landa, furnished with ruined palaces and filled with bruised bricks that collapsed to the ground, to respect the d


ystopian environment in which we found ourselves, for a planet totally abandoned by humanity. With the speed that affects our android, the first curiosity we wanted to dissipate was to confront us with the structural elements of the environment, such as animals: in this first phase we were able to assault totally harmless elk, who responded to fire only when we produced them agai


nst them; after the first destructive phases, which prompted us to shoot at the impetuosity of anything, we also realized the usefulness of these animals, which were definitely cramped and cracked in replicating our strokes. The oceans, as the development team has explained to us, is one of the means of transport we can use in this world that seemed to us endless, but with very few elements to make it alive, which can certainly represent a consistency fiction and stylistic. The ride we ima


gine will vary from animal to animal, has allowed us to load some of the robots that were arranged on the ground, fighting them in all respects: unfortunately, on the ranks of the animal, it was not possible to collect objects or perform any other actions that would have been able to speed up much of the movements, as, unfortunately, it is impossible to hold the moose once the ride is removed, forcing us to have to attract one to us again. This system is related to the consumptio


n of bait, which can be purchased at a merchant. The fact that we have been very concerned about this issue prompts us to think about what happened once defeated by one of these animals, who unexpectedly represented one of the most obnoxious adversaries: emulating the mechanics of the soulslike, our soul remained in the where we were defeated. Returning, t

herefore, to the place of the previous death we found ourselves before a choice: on the one hand it was possible to bring the Androide back to life, as allied robots, otherwise our choice could even go to recover all the lost items. We could

not savor the goodness of allied ubiquitous because the fights, especially in the initial area, were not overly complicated, as all the deployed units were not hostile, and only if they were touched, they replied to the attacks: with the onset of the adventure, however, this expedient can definitely become fascinating to have a third android team with him, ready to give us strength.

NieR: Automatic