scant month ago we learned that NiOh would stop being exclusive for PlayStation 4 and would also reach the world of computers, through Steam . Everything obeys to a new strategy of Koei Tecmo , that as it has assured recently, wants to bet strong by the platform of Valve, reason why more than safe NiOh will be the first of many editions of consoles that we see in PC and will follow games to him like Attack on Titan 2 and future Dynasty Warriors.


For the game of Team Ninja , we find a complete edition of the title, which includes the original game plus the content of the season pass, formed by three new chapters: The Black Dragon, Honor Revolted and The End of the Massacre. This same edition has been launc

hed in PlayStation 4 at the same price for those interested players who did not buy at the time. For the Steam version, a new helm has been added with the store’s characteristic valve, while the bonuses obtained by those players who enjoyed the Alpha, Beta and Last Chance demos are also included in the package.


Although the DLCs are some of the most difficult that we have found in this type of games, which demand a much higher level than you have at the end of the main campaign and a character build very well, having these contents from the beginning is an experience more c

omplete for the novice player, since he can adapt his style of play to the new weapons that have been included: the Odachi and the Tonfas . The first, being perfect to keep distance and break the guards of the enemies, and the second also to break guards, weaker but much faster and focused on the close combat.


Being able to use these new weapons from the beginning will allow you to progress in your tree of improvements without having to grind by le

vels already traveled to upload your statistics and movements, allowing you to adapt to them from the first moment and, above all, expanding the variety of weapons that in the original NiOh it was relegated to Katanas, Double Katanas, Spears, Axes and the spectacular Kusarigama.

The samurai code on PC

The port of Ni-Oh that we have found for PC is not, at all, the one that we would have liked, although that does not mean much less that it is unplayable (not even remotely is the horrendous work that was done at the time with Dark Souls). However, we find many things to improve if Koei Tecmo really wants to bet heavily on its catalog for Steam.


Ni-Oh analysis

The drawing distances are much more appreciated and the frequency of refreshment in the distance is much greater.

Before starting the game we can adjust the graphic options , which are somewhat limited. Instead of encountering the typical structure of options Low, Medium, High and Ultra, here the team wanted to transfer what they already did with the PS4 version, offering a quality of Action, to improve the frames per second and Cinematic, to Maximize graphic options by limiting the frame rate to 30 fps. These options are accompanied by one of Maximum Quality and another of Minimum Quality.


It is not the best letter of introduction, because the PC does not behave like a closed system of console and each player can have a very specific circumstances, being able to make the most of the frame rate with different graphic configurations. Fortunately, we can customize each of the values ​​by choosing the quality of the shadows, the environmental occlusion, the level of detail, the dynamic reflections and the motion blur.


Ni-Oh PC


All the contents that have been appearing in the season pass arrive with this edition directly to PC.

Options that clearly seem insufficient and that some of them do not have degrees of detail, but are simply activated or deactivated. Much are missing some key, such as antialiasing, which would allow us to play much more with the scalability according to the power of our computer. In addition, the frames are limited to 30 or 60, so those players who have a monitor with a refresh capacity higher than these rates can not take advantage of them.