NEXTGEN CLIMB: EDGE Magazine Intrigued Pending PS5 and Xbox Series X Players with Teaser for New Issue

In two weeks, May 21st, the “rise of a new generation” will occur. With such words, today the British gaming edition EDGE published on her twitter a teaser for the cover, which will decorate the July 346th issue of the magazine.

What exactly is being discussed is not yet entirely clear. Microsoft has already shown Xbox Series X, held a presentation of the first games for her from third-party companies today, and in July will arrange a big show with announcements from her own studios. At the same time, we don’t know anything about Sony’s plans. The Japanese platform carrier has not yet presented a final design Playstation 5no game for her.

According to various information from journalists and insiders, a full-fledged presentation of the PS5 may take place either in May or in early June, although it may be that the EDGE teaser has nothing to do with Sony at all.

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