Nex Machina

If in the cinema I occasionally like a pompous show that allows me to put my brain a couple of hours in neutral, the same thing happens with videogames: And in this field few stimulating things I have found in recent times as the different jobs that this Finnish study usually offers.


And I really enjoyed Resogun at the premiere of PlayStation 4, and also in the past of Dead Nation or Outland ; I also know some more of the endless launches that have been carried out since its inception in the distant decade of the 90s. However, Nex MachinaIt may be the most rounded work in terms of playable concepts that have been offered so far. And I do not want to say the best, because I do not know some of the most veteran games of the more than twenty that ma


ke up its catalog as a team, but I dare say it has to be the most worked. And is that, as I’ll explain below, is the one that brings together more perfectly tuned elements of their latest and most recent work. A fast and uncomplicated video game, one that you can understand right away without too much time to lose and one that, in short, appeals to our most visceral side to stay glued to the screen.


They are concepts of many years ago, yes, but they continue to perform like the first time. I have the feeling that a veteran like me is still happy the day, and someone younger can get more than a smile and give a great time with the remote in hand. At the end of that is this, right? And to blink a little, of course. Your corneas will not appreciate it, but your scores do.



First Shoot, After Question

So, Nex Machina is an uncomplicated shooter. In Housemarque they know it and that is why they have not lost a second (and they do not lose me either) bored with an argument that can give cohesion to this. If we want to know what is going on, the opti

on is there. Humans have been overtaken by machines, in a story already seen a thousand times over dependence on technology and its evolu
tion to unsuspected limits, and we have to try to avoid the disappearance of our race at the hands of these hostile and dangerous artificial intelligences . The robots have overtaken us, they have become superior creatures in every imaginable aspect, and that is why our hero is the greatest and only hope to survive.


Nex Machina analysis

Who will get the best score? Nex Machina knows how to tempt you so that, again and again, you repeat your missions with the sole purpose of making the perfect game.

In summary this translates into two unique aspects that affect the gameplay. On the one hand the fact that the villains are mechanical beasts that are going to make things very difficult for us, and on the other hand the factor that there are throughout t


he levels a series of survivors that we can save to maximize our score . In fact, there is a specific limit in each phase, and if we manage to rescue them all we will obtain a generous reward in the form of points … But nobody said it was easy.


Nex Machina PC

Appeal to our most visceral side to stay glued to the screen

And everything in the title revolves around the points. The creators of Resogun want us to be selfish and greedy, they want us to leave nothing and in the end the biggest fun of the game is focused on that idea: to reach the highest possible in the world rankin

gs. Of course, the difficulty of getting it is part of its charm. For a whole generation the words yearning and challenge go hand in h
and in video games, however this work manages to collect what has been learned in the new times on accessibility to overturn it in a healthy way. To think that the launchings of the past were better simply because they were more diffic
ult has always seemed absurd to me, mainly due to the fact that in many occasions that level of challenge that touched the suffering made them extremely frustrating and, sometimes, it was even due to errors of the programmers themselves. N
ex Machina is very intelligent because it directs everything correctly. The better you do it within your devilishly fast and difficult proposal the more points you will get. It is about rewarding the intrepid player and giving a reward to the one who faces the most dangers, not to punish the one who is not so capable. A 10 for Housemarque in this sense, which does not leave anyone out.


Nex Machina

Nex Machina PC

Roll and roll to dodge enemy attacks. This is one of the keys to achieving success in a challenging video game like few others.

As it does? Granting us improvements and incentivesif we play it and it turns out well. The title wants us to be brave to extremes that border on the stupid, and that is why it rewards every courageous maneuver that we think of doing to save a hostage or get an enhancer. At the end of the day each level is going to end with a few waves of enemies, but there are al


ways humans out there that we must rescue and some other elements that we can collect. Achieving more and more points is only achieved by taking full advantage of each scenario, so Nex Machina ends up becoming a kind of racing game in which only repeating more and more circuits and hurrying as much as possible in each maneuver will achieve perfect our “times” and obtain the highest possible score in the different modalities that exist,


And the merit lies in that everything it offers is very simple. The controlIt is carried out with the classic mechanics of the two sticks, one to move and the other to aim. From there we do not even have a button to shoot, what’s the point when we’re going to keep it pressed from start to finish? But there are some other controls for the special attack or, what is mor


e important for a rolling maneuver that makes us invulnerable for a few moments. In the end the most important button is the latter, and that is to use it correctly or not depend how far we get. It sounds like a few management alternatives, but you have to master them all. If we connect with that and we feel interest in perfecting their domain, I have done it, we can maintain the interest in the video game much longer than it actually lasts.