News Competition Results for August 2022

Another news competition has ended on our website. The best blogger at the end of August 2022 was DimanRuZz, who wrote a lot of interesting news and typed 12902 points… The top five included SomeRetard, GamerXXX_UA, Ran and SkyerIst… Information about the prizes will be sent to bloggers shortly. Thank you all for participating!

News competitions on – contests in which any user can get prizes for publishing news. We help new authors figure it out and offer different prizes every month, so you can always try.

Register online to participate in our monthly news contest. Click “Add news” and write! At the end of the month, statistics are summed up, and the top 5 best authors with the maximum number of points receive prizes! Please note that authors copying other people’s articles get bans, and badly formatted or crookedly translated news are not published, forever remaining in pre-moderation. Additional rules are located on the right when creating a news.

Important: you also need Telegram to participate in the news contest, you must be a member of the News Authors group… If you decide to take part in the competition, contact Telegram @skyeroid (

Important: Check out the newsletter guide and follow the instructions

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