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New Wolverine Revealed at Marvel After Avengers Finale

Posted: February 14, 2020 at 2:11 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

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After the company Disney acquired the Fox studio, all rights to the characters of the X-Men franchise may appear in the cinema universe Marvel after the Avengers Final. The network showed the new Wolverine, who will appear in the MCU instead of Hugh Jackman, who for many years portrayed this hero on a movie screen.

Actor Hugh Jackman first appeared in the image of Wolverine in 2000, and was the embodiment of the famous mutant in the movies until 2017, reports. Fans of the X-Men franchise consider Jackman an ideal Wolverine, and have no idea which modern actors can replace him for the Marvel movie universe after the movie Avengers: Final. One of the most likely candidates is actor Taron Egerton, best known for his films Kingsman: Secret Service and Rocketman. The network showed new footage of what Edgerton might look like as Wolverine in future projects and the restart of the X-Men franchise with new performers.

Many enthusiasts believe that it is Edgerton who has the necessary charisma to become the next Wolverine for several years. 30-year-old Edgerton managed to star in several famous films, but has not yet received superstar status, and therefore it is possible to conclude a very profitable long-term contract with him. In numerous interviews, Edgerton was repeatedly asked about whether he was ready to become the new Wolverine after Avengers 4 Final, but the actor himself still considers himself not tough and brutal for this role. Nevertheless, it is known that Theron Edgerton talked about a similar opportunity with Kevin Feigi, which means that in the future the appearance of the actor in this image is not at all excluded.

According to the head of Marvel Kevin Feigi (Kevin Feige), the Marvel cinematic universe is planned for years to come, and therefore mutants will appear in it, but not in the near future, reports. Probably, before the Fifth phase, fans should not wait for the full appearance of mutants in the MCU, although teasers of different characters can be shown in the upcoming Marvel projects.

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