TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

And is that the news fascinated everyone at the time: Platinum and the Ninja Turtles together in a title! The nostalgia impregnated the minds of many players and let their imagination fly with the possibilities of the whole. It seemed like a golden oppor


tunity to see the Turtles again in the territory of Konami’s great videogames of the late eighties and early nineties. The trailers showed how they could combine their skills in the streets of Manhattan, the sewers and other scenarios, but few could guess what was going to happen: it was not going to live up to expectations.


Do not be influenced by nostalgia. It has a design based on the classics Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo , far from seen in the current films, it has opted for a complete review of the enemies by all known (eye the impressive Bebo


p with mechanical saw ), but as we tell you in this analysis of TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan everything has ended up failing in a software awkward in its mechanics, unimaginative in its missions and vague as few with the plot: the turtles give for much more.


A pizza of anchovies and Nocilla

Does it justify everything that has happened to be a production that has been launched in consoles of current and past generation? Not that TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is a poor game of current generation; TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is a poor game, no more. One that you will not li

ke to have in the virtually immaculate Platinum Games curriculum. They are nine chapters of warm hack and slash , with predetermined combos (although differentiated) throughout the game for each of the turtles and a series of special abilities that we can buy and improve as the game progresses.


TMNT Mutants in Manhattan analysis

All the turtles have a movement to plan in the air and can also grind by some handrails.

The enemies is not that they pose any challenge, is that the mechanics of fighting is closer to franchises like Onechanbara than what y


ou might expect from the creators of Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising: Reveange. It is not necessarily a negative thing, but it is a pity that from the refined combo and defense mechanics of other referents, one goes to a crude festival of cakes in which fou


r turtles finish with enemies without rhyme or reason. Meanwhile, there must be missions that are completely bizarre, which break the action of the title in scenarios that, in addition, are often repeated.


TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

Bebop and its mechanical saw, one of the moments that delighted the followers of the turtles. The battles against final bosses are the best of Mutants in Manhattan.

In one of them, for example, we must carry a weapon inside a circular structure to a certain point of the map doing tightrope exercises on it; in another we will have to take the New York subway to do different missions in different points of a closed m


ap of train stations. The sewers and the city will repeat practically identical phases on a couple of occasions during the course of the story, but even that is not the big problem of the Turtles: the problem is that in Mutants in Manhattan the imagination has been absent and has been replaced for simplicity in the worst sense of the word.


The problem is that in Mutants in Manhattan the imagination has been absent and has been replaced by simplicity

And not everything is bad: the defense system is remarkable. If we manage to block the rival attack at the right moment we stop its ad

vance, something like the parry of Street Fighter III. We can also avoid them and make key movements at specific moments. It is, in fact, one of the elements that gives variety and make interesting battles against final enemies, a stro
ng point, although insufficient, of Mutants in Manhattan. It is not understood how the defense can be so well thought out and the attack has been so grossly neglected in production.


TMNT Mutants in Manhattan PC

Do you put it with extra multi online for four?

The multiplayer for four online users could save the playable, but the reality is that it does not seem like an experience that is built to be enjoyed with three more players. The concept of the game itself does not provide a single mechanic in its sc

arce five hours or six hours that leads you to think that it would have improved in company: yes, you can increase the level of difficulty a
nd complicate the challenge with other colleagues online, but there is not a single mechanic that invites you to take advantage of team play in no time. Nor is there anything rejugable beyond running into higher levels.


TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

TMNT Mutants in Manhattan PC

Shredder and Karai in a scene … that never happens in the video game. The story is far below what was expected and Casey Jones does not come out.

The script is delicate and awkward too. The story is inane, and having dozens of good stories starring the turtles in comics, movies and television series is unjustifiable that some villains and allies get so hurt at the hands of Platinum. Each of the v


illains, including the main villains Krang and Shredder , barely has five phrases for the protagonists. The role of April here is not very clear and Splinter departs from his fatherly role to be able to kill his children of hunger to get some dirty dollars. The insipid boss-rush of the end does not help to justify the already poor plot.


Technically and sound is also humble: meets what you might expect from a product of turtles, but is not up to the design of some enemies and the protagonists themselves. Activision , its distributor, has had the detail of doubling the video game entirely to S


panish, providing a job that meets but that is far from seen in television or film products. In any case, and without being highly positive or that are well above the negative points of Mutants in Manhattan, they are not the most problematic either. In consoles it is blocked at 30fps in order to guarantee the greatest possible fluidity in the game.