New Philips Hue devices are introduced to the global market: smart lamps, ceiling lights and more

Company Signify, a leader in lighting, has introduced a new product line to the global market Philips HueNew products include: gradient technology solutions, filament lamps in shades of white, high-power smart lamps, as well as bathroom and ceiling lighting… Annex Philips Hue also received an update – new dynamic scripts appeared. In addition, it now integrates with the music service. SpotifyThis is the first deep integration of lighting and music

Smooth transition from one color to another

In 2022, the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip LED strip appeared on the global market. A new addition to the gradient effect range this fall: the LED tube Philips Hue Play gradient light tube… According to the developers, the special technology allows you to combine many shades in one device, which can be easily placed above or below the TV. The tube body is available in black or white.

The company has equipped other Philips Hue models with gradient technology: table lamps and floor lamps from the Signe family in black and white, as well as the Philips Hue ambiance gradient lightstrip LED strip.… The tape now features not only ease of use and lighting power, but also the ability to mix vibrant colors.

For the first time ever: a vibrant mix of music and lighting

Integration of Philips Hue and Spotify, a digital music service, allows you to combine light and music

“Anyone can create a unique holiday atmosphere in their home, for example, during a break after work, gatherings with friends and even a general cleaning. To do this, you need to sync the accounts of the two platforms and then play the song from any device. Philips Hue app extracts metadata from the song and creates an extended light scenario. Thanks to this, the devices will respond not only to the rhythm of the music, but also to its genre and mood. You can adjust the brightness, intensity and color palette in the “Synchronization” tab.

The latest version of the Philips Hue app lets you sync your lighting to your music now… From October 2022, this feature will become a full-fledged part of the application.

“As a global leader in smart lighting, we strive to make our users’ homes even more comfortable and cozy. To this end, we are constantly developing innovative solutions and products. With the latest in gradient technology and integration with Spotify, consumers will be able to experience every facet of light by experimenting and mixing colors and sounds, “said Jasper Vervoort, Philips Hue Global Business Director at Signify.

Large and bright collection of smart lamps

Philips Hue filament lamps are available in white light and can now change from warm to cold. During the working day, lamps will help you focus by flooding the room with bluish light, and then relieve tension with golden tones. The devices will adorn any interior – they are made in vintage style, so they look beautiful even when turned off. In addition, the range will soon be expanded with a filament lamp. E14 white.

The Philips Hue range of smart color and white lamps has been expanded to include 1100 and 1600 lumens, allowing you to choose the optimal brightness type for different activities and any part of the home.

New Philips Hue ceiling lights

The Philips Hue range of ceiling lights can add a variety of colors to your living room or bedroom. LED panel Philips Hue Surimu suitable for small spaces or houses with low ceilings – it adheres closely to the surface and is made in a rectangular or square shape. The laconic design allows you to visually increase the space. In turn, the ceiling lamp Philips Hue Enrave will fit into the interior of the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Its body is made in black or white, and the palette includes all shades of white. The device is also available as a pendant light and can be positioned over a dining table or headset.

New Philips Hue bathroom fixtures

Smart bathroom lighting can help you freshen up and get ready for the day at work, or, conversely, relax and unwind before bed. To create a special atmosphere, the manufacturer offers to install recessed chrome lamps Philips hue xamento – they have a minimalistic design, – or a powerful ceiling lamp Philips Hue Deverethat combines warm and cool whites with indirect lighting effects.

Philips Hue app update

From September 1 in the updated Philips Hue application appeared dynamic scripts… Now the light in one room or area can smoothly transition into other colors from a given scenario, creating a unique atmosphere.

In addition, new features will appear in the Hue Script Gallery in Fall 2022. Thanks to specially designed lighting scenarios of 24 hours duration, devices will change their colors and brightness over time. The first scenario – natural lighting – simulates the movement of the sun throughout the day, gradually changing the hue from warm to cold. This will allow you to tune in to a working mood and maintain overall well-being. Time slots can be customized based on your daily routine.

Also, an update for the synchronization block is released in the fall. Philips Hue Play HDMI sync boxIt will now be compatible with the latest gaming consoles with a 120Hz refresh rate… At the same time, the gadget supports 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Those who prefer a sharper picture can use the 4K block with refresh rates up to 60Hz.

“These solutions are presented only globally so far,” explains Irina Rumyantseva, Head of Philips Hue Product Category in Russia. “It’s hard to say when they will be available for sale in Russia. in online stores “.

The exact date of the release of new products in Russia will be announced later. More information can be obtained on the official website

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