New adaptation of Mortal Kombat should appeal to both fans and newbies

New film adaptation of the cult fighting game Mortal kombat should appeal to both a new audience, unfamiliar with the original source, and longtime fans. So says the producer of the picture Todd Garner, who noted that the film should be taken as a separate project, in which many elements familiar from the game series will be presented.

According to the producer, during the production process, the team did not set itself the goal of replicating the games to a large extent, because it is impossible. Instead, a conscious decision was made to make a classic film that would be understandable and appealing to all viewers without losing the flavor of the original franchise.

Among other things, Todd Garner also talked about which character the team had to remove from the adaptation early in production. It turned out that there was no place for Rein in the film, as he was considered too similar in Reptile.

The Russian premiere of the picture will take place April 8, 2023

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