Never Alone

Man – a being curious. During his life, we tend to seek to learn more about the world around us, the history of our ancestors, unreachable stars – in short, all about everything. In this we are helped by a variety of means to obtain information, including video games.

Many will say that in a good need to read textbooks and encyclopedias, because otherwise the knowledge will get smaller and the time spent a lot more.

But we must not forget about the folklore, by which peoples from generation to generation transmit their culture and customs. Oral histories may eventually lose important details, and in general are subjective, but it is best to convey the culture of the people, their flavor. In the XXI century folk creativity reached and video games. Never Alone – direct proof.

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The first draft of the Upper One Games and E-Line Media for several hours introduces the player to the Inupiat culture – Alaska Native – better than it could have been a lot of gear on Discovery. In its game developers retell the story of kunuuksaayuka – legend, popular among many peoples of the Eskimos.

Although originally the main character was a boy, it was decided to replace the girl. Without malice: they say themselves Inupiat, in their stories is not important floor, the name or appearance of the characters. Important only wisdom itself, to be transmitted to the younger generation.

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Nun loves to hunt and observe nature, but even more the girl he loves his native village. Everything goes on as usual, but once the weather comes out of favor.

A terrible storm lasts not a day or two, but not all, not weaker. Settlement die of hunger, because in such circumstances, even the most experienced hunter lost in the snow, what will bring prey.

Noonan decides to find the source of the scourge and save his people.

In front of her waiting for a lot of trouble, deadly cold and loneliness. But the girl was lucky on his way, she meets a polar fox, which seems to be the same child as the heroine herself.

The animal, though physically weak, but agile and able to communicate with the spirit helpers.

If not for the favor of supernatural forces to wade through the snow and ice would be much more difficult. But even together, the heroes have to go through a lot: in addition to an endless blizzard of their lives would be in danger even dangerous enemies.

On the surface, Never Alone – beautiful platformer in the spirit of Limbo or Braid. But we need only look through the enchanting snowy landscapes, it is clear that research is focused not on solving puzzles.

Yes, and besides, they do not differ fiction: see ice – throw Bolu (traditional weapons for hunting), the gap – jump, and if it seems that the Nun came to a standstill, then the arctic fox is sure to find somewhere nearby spirit helper.

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Kisima Ingitchuna (since games on Iñupiaq name sounds) in the first place tells a beautiful and magical story in which paramount importance is the emotional connection between the characters. During the trip, will be gradually opened Patrimony – short video in which the Inupiat tell about the life of his tribe.

Each passage is emotional, short and rather instructive. They are woven into the narrative, and, although triggered by pressing a single button, not felt something alien or disturbing gameplay element.

After collecting and reviewing all 24 passages will be possible in general to understand the mythology, culture and ideals of the Inupiat. In short, the educational part of the developers came impeccable.

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The sadder to recognize that as the game Never Alone it is not without an extremely unpleasant drawbacks. It can be held alone by switching between a girl and polar fox, or together with one screen – and I do not advise you to first option.

If the second transfer control character artificial intelligence, it immediately starts to behave poorly, again and again falling into the abyss or getting into the clutches of the enemy.

Joint puzzles can also turn into a hassle not weak: for example, you need to take turns to get to the right platform; you should pave the way polar fox and has to catch up with him playing for

Nuno as belosherstny partner manages to jump to the beginning or, excuse me, to meet his “scribe”, sending both heroes to the last checkpoint.

Pass this level I was able only after I connected the game pad, forcing the animal obediently lying in one place and wait their turn. But playing together is much better.

Although the puzzles come across quite simple, not for the most ardent fans of the genre it would be more positive side – all the same task in the game is worth other than to make you tear your hair color.

Yes, and to find the keys to all the video inserts easier and more fun together.

Perhaps for a year I have become more callous, and maybe the annoyingly stupid AI, but the story of Nuno and polar fox I was not getting through. Yet to the level of Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons communicate with the characters the player does not hold.

Partly because of the lack of innovative management ideas (and indeed any innovation except intelligently interwoven documentary video), but mostly it lacks important emotional moments. The Brothers could kick the ball – whether in the Never Alone, let’s say, banal opportunity to pat fox and hear his joyful squeal, the story would be perceived quite differently.

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In Upper One Games managed to create a beautiful, fabulous and enchanting places the story of a brave girl and her pet, but failed to make an interesting platformer.

What is more important, the studio has proved that educational games are the right to life and at the same time – not necessarily collections of problems for preschool children. For Never Alone you can spend one of impending snow evenings.