Netflix’s Death Note sequel is still in development

Despite the fact that released on Netflix in 2017 a full-length adaptation of the cult manga and anime “Death note“(Death Note) garnered highly controversial reviews from critics and fans of the original source, it was still popular with viewers, and a sequel was announced in 2018 and is still in development.

When creating a sequel to the film adaptation of Death Note, the authors intend to take into account all the criticism of the original film. The audience was assured of this by Masi Oka, who produced the film and played the role of detective Sasaki in it.

“All I can say is that the sequel is still in development. In any case, nothing has been decided. I can say that we are listening to the fans and I hope they will be happy with our direction,” says Masi Oka.

The sequel is known to be scripted by Greg Russo, writer of the recent “Mortal Kombata“. In the original film directed by Adam Wingard (“Godzilla vs. Kong“) starred Nat Wolfe (Yagami Light), Lakeith Stanfield (” Al “), Willem Dafoe (voice of Ryuk), Margaret Qualley (Mia) and others.

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