Netflix tries to convince Christopher Nolan to work with the service – Igromania

Head of Film Direction Netflix Scott Stuber said that the service has been negotiating with Christopher Nolan

The latter has long been in support of film distribution, with a cool attitude towards streaming services. It even stopped working with Warner Bros. after their decision to release a number of major premieres in cinema and HBO Max.

But, according to Stuber, if Nolan is interested in working with Netflix, then the company will try to do everything to satisfy the director’s requests. The newly formed alliance with the studio can help with this. Steven Spielberg, who hadn’t been overly enthusiastic about Netflix before either.

However, after the service has bought “Trial of the Chicago Seven” and a new tape Bradley Cooper, which is produced by Spielberg’s studio, the director has revised his position. And now the representatives of Netflix expect that the director himself will shoot some projects for them.

In theory, something similar could happen in the Nolan situation, especially given the increased popularity of streaming in recent years.

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