Netflix presents the chronological timeline of the first season of The Witcher – review

The confusing chronology of events with three asynchronous timelines became one of the main problems of the first season “The witcher”, When even those who are familiar with the books of Andrzej Sapkowski could get confused in what is happening.
In the second season, the creators of the series will depart from such a structure, since it was required to represent all the key characters that appeared in the original source later – primarily the talk about Yennifer and Ciri.

To simplify understanding of all the events of the first season, Netflix presented a slide with a chronology of what is happening in the first season.

The story of the first season swung for 53 years

Earlier, the show’s runner Lauren Hissrich reported that the story of Yannifer in the first season takes about 70 years, and Geralt – about 20. However, as we can see from the timeline, the author of the project was slightly mistaken during the interview.

Filming of the second season will begin in the coming months, but its release will have to wait until 2023.