Nastya Kamensky got out of clothes and upset the size of her pears

The famous singer Nastya Kamensky decided to please her fans, and uploaded a new photo, which she shot with a smile almost without anything, clearly showing all her virtues.

According to, Nastya Kamenskikh posted a new publication from Mexico on her page on the social network Instagram, and soon the photo gained almost 200 thousand likes. In the picture, Kamensky walks along the beach with a smile, stepping between the algae, and the celebrity has almost nothing but watches, sunglasses and two tiny pieces of clothing. Kamensky accompanied her photograph with a text about the power of thought and how beautiful every day is. Fans of the singer appreciated her mood, as well as the bright appearance of her idol, although many felt that now Kamensky does not look at all as good as before.

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Publication by NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux) Jan 14, 2023 at 11:50 PST

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Publication by NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux) Sep 15, 2019 @ 4:27 pm PDT

Fans of Nastya Kamensky felt that the star finally returned to its place, and no longer looks like skin and bones, which was in previous publications. However, in the comments there were also many dissatisfied with what Kamensky looks like. So, some fans could not find the melon of the singer in the picture, and expressed their disappointment with this fact. Other fans drew attention to the strange algae between which Kamensky walks, and even considered that the whole beach is strewn with celebrity shaved hair.

Nastya Kamensky with her husband Alexei Potapenko (Potap) left for Mexico to enjoy the warmth of the climate of this country instead of the winter cold. According to, many fans believe that the creative duo is not only relaxing in Mexico, but also working on something completely new.