Let’s go in more detail
The brand of MXGP, that of the Official FIM Motocross World Championship, has now reached a certain level of videogame maturity a
nd having come to speak of a third chapter is a clear demonstration.
Basically, we will have to deal with the usual gaming structure, that is, the all-round bikers and trails that characterized the 2016 season, a campaign that can carry us from the second category to the highest and a physics strongly tied to the real counterpart of the various vehicles.
Obviously there are novelties, and there are few on the technical level, including all that the adoption of the new engine brings with it, and o
n the content. Among the first ones we also include a new sound management system, called the grave, which takes care of taking a sample audio track and procedurally inserting it correctly into action. Among the latter, however, are proud to announce the new two-stroke category, unmistakable in gas and audio response. On the tec
hnical side, too, we can only praise the new ground physics, double-stranded with Nvidia Physx, which makes the path adversity and the realization of all assets truly deformable and unpredictable, since the previous ones were wide parts incompatible with the new engine.

Pad to hand as it is?
Once we pulled the horns on the pad, we finally realized how many developers’ words on the Unreal Engine 4 could be screened. Started the short competition, we started to turn on our motorcycle by scoring, circling around, numerous grooves on the ground. The latter radically changed the way to face a curve, with the most punctuous trajectories that have thin

ned inexorably to become the only viable, provided they do not want to run into the roughness of the ground. Jumping management has been implemented through the old tool, which has allowed to simplify the management of physics, otherwise it is really complicated to put in place. Constantly the game will propose as usual single player and multiplayer mode,
Unfortunately our test was about one circuit at different times of the day; we will finally be in the presence of a variable weather, in keeping with the times, which will radically change the wheel grip on the ground, and thus the behavior of the vehicle itself. On the graphic side, the improvement is sensible and each screen element has an influence on the motion of the player
and the player, to the point where he has witnessed some interesting bugs. Strangely enough, their presence encouraged us, as it made us touch the radical change in the behavior of the gaming engine, which leaves a great margin to the title’s growth. The title will shoot at 30fps, with the 60 still unallowed on consoles, given the still not perfect graphics engine optimization.