Movieweb: Disney brings back the development of the sequel to the classic film Rocketeer, new details

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After more than three years of silence, new posts about the sequel to the movie “Rocket“1991 year. According to Movieweb, the continuation of the cult classic Disney is once again put into development and will be released on a streaming service. Disney +.

The former script of Max Winkler and Matt Spicer will be rewritten by the co-author of the series “Boomerang” Asia Squire, and the producers of the tape will be Brigham taylor (“Lady and the Tramp”) and Noah Weinstein (“Inner Demons”). The director’s place is still vacant.

According to the initial idea of ​​the sequel, the main character of the film was supposed to be a young African-American pilot, trying to prevent the plans of the evil rocket scientist from stealing jetpack technology at a crucial moment of the Cold War. It is not clear how much the plot of the tape will change now, although, according to other reports, the creators of the project are still planning to attract a young African American and a Russian woman to the role of a villain.

The original “Rocketeer” was a film adaptation of the comic book of the same name about a young test pilot of the 30s, into whose hands a jetpack accidentally falling into his hands, allowing him to fly. Starred in the film Bill campbell, Jennifer connelly and Timothy Dalton.

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