MotoGP eSport Championship

Everyone at Mugello for presentation
Remaining within the Italian borders, we remember all the first Fifa player hired by the Dorian reality, or our Insa, now an exponent of an increasingly active Roma in the field of the prize sporting title of Electronic Arts. From then on, it took just a few months to attract the interest of many more organizations that, to get to speak to younger people, want to try to go digital competition from new products or from the historical counterparts of gender.
Today, the opportunity to write to me has been provided by Dorna, the organizer of the MotoGP , who explicitly asked Milestone to take advantage of the multi-yearly collaboration that came this year to the 2017 version, to create a real digital championship.
A request that promptly found a response, with most of the forces of the Italian House Software dedicated in the last period to this end. The presentation took place during the Grand Prix of Italy, held this weekend at Mugello: a perfect opportunity to meet these two realities in view of the imminent exit of the game, set in just under two weeks, the 15th June. If you are interested in discovering the novelties of this new chapter of the series, refer to the preview of MotoGP 17 at this link .
MotoGP eSport Championship
An enviable experience
As we have already anticipated, during the first presentation of this new competitive reality, we have seen how Dorna’s expert framing has been present in coping with Milestone’s technical efforts, providing a well-defined structure for the event. Seven qualifying stages, a 16-player physical finals (in Valencia) and a series of eye-catching awards, are the main ingredients of a mix that could provide a first example of how sport can use video gambling entertainment to get the young man’s attentions player with this digital interest. The plan behind the project is five years, demonstrating the will of the organization to invest resources in a serious and prudent way in this commitment, excluding the premature deletion equation and hence a final dissatisfaction of the user. However, this did not hide the partial proof of the first edition of this initiative, which will begin just this summer on Sony platforms, the undisputed dominants in terms of installed base.
However, Xbox and PC were not forgotten, but relegated to a second phase, following the proper assessments of audience participation and audiences in this first edition.
For those who are interested or just curious, the prizes made available by Dorna through its sponsors are a BMW M240i (we recognize the peculiarity in giving a car as the first prize of a motorcycle race), a KTM RC 390, and a TV .
So many meeting points
An experiment that at a deeper level of analysis is more important than the name of the MotoGp eSport Championshipcan lead us to think. The traditional struggle between analog and digital has in fact seen the first in search of a meeting point with the second, officially recognizing the competitive and playful potentials that share them and that only a form of prejudice could hide in the eyes of the people.
This proximity was then seen in front of our eyes, just after the first stage of the show, when the riders themselves expressed in front of a screen, a console and MotoGP, the same competition they are competing, obviously framed by a much more serene and relaxed, but above all revealing themselves much better prepared and aggressive than expected.