Manager forZe spoke about the offer to participate in match-fixing matches

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The team forZe They suggested holding several match-fixing matches at the upcoming EGB Arena of Blood online tournament. According to Gleb Antokhin, Dota 2 roster manager, he was approached by a HuomaoTV employee under the nickname Haotian with a request to play several meetings according to a “certain scenario” and promised to tell about profit distribution later. Antokhin published information about this on Twitter, but subsequently deleted it.

Haotian also wrote to Antokhin that he is looking for teams for long-term cooperation. He specified that the tournament already has teams with which agreements have been made. Haotian called himself a representative of HuomaoTV and said that in the near future he will tell how much money forZe can get.

Antokhin commented on the situation for

Gleb Antokhin:

“We got a ban for three months from the UCC in connection with the refusal to participate in the qualification at WESG, respectively, we cannot participate in the online tournament. Yes, to everything else, a strange person came to me, and if we wanted to play this tournament, we would definitely refuse for this reason. ”

As a proof, the manager showed screenshots that Haotian is present in many Discord channels, including those where team managers, team members and tournament organizers are located.

Later Ivan VANSKOR Skorohod tweeted:

Ivan VANSKOR Skorohod
Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod:

“There is no place in e-sports 322. I think this is not the first time for these people associated with HM Max.”

After some time, the message was deleted.

ForZe CEO Sergey Ignatko said in a comment to that the club cannot say who turned to the manager, but is intolerant of dishonesty in any case:

Sergey Ignatko
Sergey Ignatko:

“Anonymous really contacted our manager Gleb FeelMyPain Anokhin and offered to arrange fake matches. Gleb, taking the initiative on himself, began a correspondence to find out exactly who offers to play dishonestly. The result you saw in the screenshots. We cannot and will not say whether a person is really a representative of HuomaoTV or not. However, we are intolerant of any dishonest game. ”

UCC Event Manager Daniil Shatrov told that HuomaoTV has nothing to do with the EGB Arena of Blood tournament:

Daniil Shatrov
Daniil Shatrov:

“HuomaoTV and Haotian personally have nothing to do with organizing our tournament with the EGB.

This person was an employee of HuomaoTV, and in the near future they will publish a press release regarding this situation.

We are already aware of the situation with him, and one of the teams notified us of his actions. “

EGB Arena of Blood will be held from February 21 to March 14. Invitations to the main stage received Agressive mode, Cyber ​​legacy, Chickenfighters, B8 esports and Og seed. The tournament prize pool will be $ 10 thousand.

Source: Twitter of Gleb Antokhin

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