MotoGP 17

The benefits of the license
The close collaboration with Dorna, the organizer of the MotoGP, is certainly the cornerstone of Milestone’s efforts to build MotoGP .
 Licensed products have well-defined rules and structures but at the same time benefit from otherwise unrecoverable support and information. So here, in this chapter, as usual, we will find all the official TV graphics, or, unpublished, the faithful re-boxing of the box so as to increase the diving in the title, especially in the waiting times such as pre and post-race .
This bond then allowed to have all the new and old bikes available to resamp the engine sounds, finally exalted by a dedicated software named Rev, whose granular operation allows a much higher yield than in the past. Among the various enhancements we also note the complete re-design of some circuits not particularly appreciated by the community, as victims of some reproposed infidelity, including the Mugello.
MotoGP 17
Technical lifting
The transition to doubled frequency required a restyling of the animations, which have now been enriched with details on the style of the pilots, along with a re-adaptation of the same physics. On the front of the latter, gas release required more precision and greater delicacy on the trigger, and although we already knew the series well, we had to take some time to tame the most powerful and exuberant bikes.
Even the collisions have undergone a decent finishing, which is also due to the greater fluidity of the system that has scuffled the cards on the table. In general though, despite the improvement being tangible, we can not bring any problem of stability to the vehicle that allows for bizarre animations in off-season moments.
MotoGP 17
A whole team of mine
As we mentioned in the introduction of the article, this is why MotoGP 17 also has a lot of work on the content front; we will find not only the pilot career but also that manager. While the first is known and will take us from Rookies to champions, if we deserve it, the second is the real news of this chapter.
In fact, we will not only be managers, but we will be “manager-pilots”, so besides carrying the team, our turn came, we will descend on the track just like in the other mode. Dictating reads the budget, so we will always have to keep an eye on the growth and the expenses it needs.
The sponsors will forge us and if we are to make good results we would be contacted by others more willing to spend, while we are devoting ourselves to investing revenue into a new pilot or looking for a new component for the bike. On the paper the possibilities offered are far more than we could imagine as we will be required to have a synoptic view of the whole set, and we will have to follow the team of pilots, auxiliary teams of the team, the bikes, sponsors and R & D department. Unfortunately, however, we have not yet had the opportunity to touch everything and we are entrusted with the developers’ words and slide presentation
MotoGP 17
The wolf loses his hair but not the vice
The trials were in fact concentrated on some difficulties league customizable, we are faced with the bikes available ranging from the great glories of up to 500 categories Rookies, immediately included in the package (last year were in fact dedicated to a DLC) .
The feeling is the classic that we have known over the years, extensive details from above: not a revolution, but a good way to give back a little ‘air to the engine, which in the last iteration was a bit’ engulfing , and to take away part of that skinned effect that the game was taking on itself, a special graphic detail is not particularly exciting. Against this, the difference in the various categories has also gone deeper, especially by deactivating the aid,MotoGP .