Monster Hunter World

When they told us about an appointment and an interview for a Capcom three-legged title, we really thought it all: who believed DMC was, who the new chapter on Onimusha, but admit we did not consider Monster Hunter. It would be expected something big on the home consoles and the latest iterations of the series had remained firmly anchored to Nintendo or 3DS.
And here we are here just to write about our preview of Monster Hunter World, the last canonical chapter of the series, which was first expected on PS4 and Xbox One and then further on PC. A title that wants to rediscover the technical possibilities that the current generation consoles are able to offer for the creation of wider, richer, but more alive, ecosystems.
For the occasion, in addition to the hands-on presentation demo, we interviewed in exclusive Italian Ryozo Tsujimoto, Producer of the title, which allowed us to have an even clearer idea of ​​what we have to expect with Monster Hunter World , officially certified by Tsujimoto himself as the fifth chapter of the main series, whose name did not want a five side by side just to keep the neophytes from starting to play a series so ahead in the numbering.
I feel a smell of …
The preview game has extended the gameplay trailer released right after the announcement of the game, thus helping us to see the whole hunt and bring us the attention to the new mechanics that we will find during the adventure.
First of all, as the maps will be about two to three times larger than the ones seen in the series so far, and without any kind of loading between the various areas, the traces will help us. They consist of light signals that will signal the way to reach the monster and they will come back sequentially once they reach an area, to give us the opportunity to search for the next one.
Go past the pitfalls we find on the path of what appears to be already announcing a real expedition, we will arrive in the monster den.
Once there, we will have the freedom to engage the clash immediately, or by preparing the hunting ground with traps and other help of the case. It may also be convenient to move the enemy into a zone with so many trees, so that you can make the most of the ramp, one of the great novelties in the equipmentMonster Hunter World .
Monster Hunter World
Hunts become
Beginning the fight, the character has mostly exploited the map’s availability to hit the monster’s weaknesses. In particular, he fought against his back, but when after a while the beast got angry, we had to run away to find another point that would allow us to spend a few more seconds. In the aftermath of the fight he managed to skip the monster’s tail and with that, after a quick trip to the city, a whole new armor was crafted.
Monster Hunter World
After finishing the procedure, they returned to the map, in particular from the monster, to drive it to another bigger one that did it out literally in a few seconds.
By the way, if we were in trouble, we could always throw a flare in the sky to call the players on nearby servers and get them hand in hand.
The thing that surprised us most was the realization of the area, which now is not divided by loads between the different areas, has required the study of a complex geometry that could collect them on a single surface.