Money for the fourth season of Wakfu raised in an hour – review

More than a million dollars managed to raise a French studio Ankama to create the fourth season of the anime series “Wakfu“. At the same time, the campaign started only four days ago, on June 8. And the initial amount, 113 thousand dollars for three episodes, was collected in one hour.

Currently, eleven episodes of the future fourth season of Wakfu have been unlocked, and its creators are going to shoot 13 episodes. To see the whole story, you need to collect another 200 thousand dollars, and, apparently, this will not be a problem.

The success of the series will affect the players of the online role-playing game. Wakfu. The first bonus event starts today. Until June 15, all players will receive 50% more experience. The developers promise even more events during the Kickstarter campaign. It will end on June 29.

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