Modern Warfare and Titanfall founded another new studio – review

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Drew McCoy and John Shearing, co-founders Respawn, opened their own studio – Gravity well.

Senior Producer and Lead Programmer Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall and Apex legends They want to make games “in their own way”, having wide flexibility in the creative process and listening to the feedback and suggestions of each team member.

Remote work is available in the new studio, so you can get into the company from anywhere in the world. In addition, specialists are trying to build the process in such a way as to avoid processing, and if necessary, be able to compensate for them.

Ideally, the founders of Gravity Well want to create a team of 80 to 85 people, so as not to become clumsy due to the size of the studio.

McCoy and Shearing have been with Respawn since its founding in March 2010. Both left the studio in February 2020, shortly before the global pandemic.

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