Modern Warfare 2 is announced on March 30, but … – review

Rumors and leaks around the remaster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in two years a lot has accumulated, however Activision still has not confirmed the existence of the project.

According to the blogger Okami, the announcement will still take place. And soon, March 30th.

However, as it was originally supposed, the novelty will only include a storyline campaign, while the network component will be added to the recent restart of Modern Warfare. Fans are waiting for a set of restored cards from the shooter 2009, as was recently Rust.

This is due to Activision’s reluctance to split the Call of Duty audience into several games, as it was in 2016 with Infinite warfare and remaster of the original Modern warfare. For the latter, the publisher even issued paid card sets.

Shortly after a series of publications, the blogger’s Twitter account was temporarily blocked. Probably, according to the Activision complaint, which similarly banned another blogger.

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