Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The main distinguishing feature of Mirror’s Edge – is a mechanic, and Catalyst she has been retained as accurately as possible.

Jumping felt the same way as before, and with them the shallows, pulling up and running on the walls. However, much has changed, but that much more pleasant for the better.

Probably, the key innovation was the “hook-cat”, which helps to cling to specific “points” in the game world. Let use the hook can not be everywhere, he still strongly animates familiar gameplay, adding new features during the escape from the opponents, or vice versa – an attack.

The second major change – a new combat system. At this time DICE has gone from half-measures, Faith can not carry a gun anymore. At all.

With any clip or with one cartridge, the weapon is not her style. It is generally good, as far more suited to its nature. As for close combat, the Catalyst division came to light and medium strokes.

The main advantage of the first is that they can perform on the run, without interrupting traffic.

You run along the wall, the enemy will appear in front of you out of the door – you accelerate, jump, beat foot run next.

No pauses and delays, everything is in one movement, and this is exactly what is so appreciated Mirror’s Edge.

The main thing here – to get into the flow and do not stop, and the vast world of the new part of much help in this.

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Many feared that this open world will be the main challenge of the game, but, oddly enough, it is quite well fit into an already familiar concept. This stems from the linear sections, which should be overcome in the story missions.

Then you, like, eight years ago, run the beaten path, enjoying how beautiful Faith overcomes another obstacle. At the same time outside jobs available to you the whole town, in which scattered many items to collect, and side missions.

Thus, an open city, though there are, it does not impose. Want – Learn it or not. But after the passage when the game wants more, he is right there, waiting for you.

It is important also that the city is multi-tiered. In many buildings you can go and get to the roof, where a beautiful view of the city prettier mirrors.

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However, it is impunity running through the city you will not be. Everywhere will appear units K-SEC, trying to stop you, and it is here manifested most unfortunate mechanic Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I have already said that the combat system greatly upgraded, and although the idea itself is good, sometimes it irritates badly.

If you do not put in the priority pumping battle that about parkour game, of course, many even in the head does not come, I have some bad news: for every enemy you will spend an incredible lot of time, in parallel with a yawn of boredom.

And I’m not exaggerating. Without pumping damage to enemies in close combat is so insignificant that it is necessary to search for an available hill and over and over again to jump from her enemies, who can not do anything to you.

The feel of the combat system are compounded by the fact that occasionally the game will lock you in the zone until you pereb’ete all enemies. Add to this is not the most accurate detection of attacks and you get a nightmare fan of Dark Souls, where you kill again and again, taking away all the weapons, but instead rifts allow to make only one small step back.

On the other hand, these few moments in the game: a total of three or four on the passage, but the location – very badly.

At that time, when there are major plot twists, and want to know what will happen next, you have to run around in a closed locations and repeatedly perform the same punch in the jump, because it causes the most damage.

I hope I was able to convey the degree of frustration caused by such an approach to the combat system.

But there is a bright side, the new regime of “light attack”, which operates on the run – excellent. In an ideal world, the game was only he, and cleanup jobs would disappear altogether.

Such methods perfectly complement running and allow you to neutralize the enemy, without deviating from the route, but the ability to stun opponents Faith in a small radius, only adds to the chances to avoid the hassle.

Your meeting with the enemy should end fast neutralization blocked the way of the police, the avoidance of the second and third stunning. And just such a style of passing bring the most pleasure, because it is fully consistent with the philosophy of running.