Mirage Arcane Warfare

Despite the inclusion of magic, Mirage is a title in which victory depends on our ability to stop and return attacks. The firs


t step for every player, wherever it comes from, is definitely a visit to the tutorial . However, as playing online has certain implications when it comes to hitting, it is best to arm yourself with patience and learn-never better-to cakes. To make matters worse, the fact that there are magical attacks from a distance complicates things even more. The most sensible thing is to take time to learn, not go crazy and be consistent with our character and our team.


After all, it is a team game. We can go solo, but in our experience, rare occasions are when this tactic has good results. A class with great


capacity to distribute firewood, like the Taurent, can become unstoppable if it is paired with the Vigilist, which can throw protective barriers for its companions, avoiding the attacks from a distance. This is one of the blessings of the game. If there are six available classes, six are also the ways to play. In fact, the most interesting thing is that Torn Banner manages to make the classes that normally we would not be interested in a lot of fun to control.



 The choice of each class is of paramount importance for the team

For example, there is a class, the Tinker, that can place trap spells such as mines or paralysis fields that are ideal for defense game modes in which we have to control points on the map. She, along with the Alchemancer, are great choices for players who prefer to avoid direct conflicts. This second is a remote spellcaster that can float and launch fireballs. Then we hav

e the Entropist, who has the appearance of a genius and can float on his magic carpet to dominate the map while looking for the right moment to attack. What’s the mambo? Nothing happens. The Vypress is a warrior with the ability to strike a hundred
swords while performing powerful jump attacks. The Taurant is an ideal formidable warrior that can knock down several enemies from a mace attack. The Vigilist is a good starting point for any rookie, for its combination of spear and shield.


Mirage Arcane Warfare Analysis

Magic, fireballs and energy

As we already anticipated, the learning curve is quite sharp. The tutorial is only a starting point to know what we are playing, but where you really learn is losing your head over and over again on the battlefield . This premise should already serve as a filter for any clueless player passing by, because the game is inclement with the rookies. Not knowing wha

t we are doing is usually the first cause of frustrations, especially when it is easy to kill or be killed by a teammate. It takes a lot of eye to measure the distance of each attack, both physical and projectile, and when we are new it is inevitable not to have that eye.


Mirage Arcane Warfare PC

The stages are very original and colorful. The Unreal Engine 4 engine gives a lot, and games like this prove it.

In terms of content, Mirage: Arcane Warfare goes pretty well served as a base. According to what we read on the game’s own page, the main modes revolve around the fulfillment of team goals “by stealing ancestral magical artifacts and assau


lting opulent palaces or boisterous bazaars through an interconnected world in which each site tells a story” . Certainly, there are six game modes on 27 maps, from the classic Team Death to Capture the Flag, passing through some modes reminiscent of the Overwatch Escort mode.. The bad thing, at least to this day, is that the game creation system gives p


roblems. Usually there are many games in progress, but when we filter the full and empty, there are usually no more than five accessible. That is to say, that the enjoyment of the different game modes depends, for now, on the availability and the number of players.


Mirage Arcane Warfare

When we have been able to play, we have taken opposite sensations. On the one hand, we have found that the hodgepodge that existed in the most numerous games was great for us to be seizing the lives of unsuspecting players. On the other, an


d having already gained more experience, where we have found a more interesting challenge has been in the most modest games, the sands of three against three . In these meetings is where the quality of each team really comes out, both in terms of its composition and its ability and coordination.


Mirage Arcane Warfare PC

The blood contrasts strongly with the caricature and saturated aspect of the game.

Ok, it’s fun to raise the amount of bodies and blood spatter to the maximum and give yourself a shot for the biggest stages, but where Mirage acquires a greater consistency is in more contained situations. It is then when the characters seem more cor


poreal and the scenarios more showy ; where the boot system, designed to let us customize our warriors, is more noticeable; where the screams and mockeries are heard twice. It gives us the feeling that, with everything it offers and where it comes from, it is a game that would not have hurt to start little by little instead of trying to cover so much field from that moment.