Miner Meltdown

In order to get noticed in the vast indie market, a good tactic may be to take a look that can seem boring in real life, make the necessary changes above and fulfill ourselves on a video game. In Miner Meltdown , this is exactly what is happening: clashes between mining squads of mink, firearms and grenades.
Let’s go to work …
The title of Mighty Pebble Games Inc is a multiplayer team title, where we will interpret crazy miners looking for gold and with the desire to be the best group that has ever ventured into the ground. Everything is allowed: levels are randomly generated for each game and are almost completely destructive, allowing us to create the best ways to reach our goals more easily; for this reason we will have, in addition to our trusted pike and a sword, even a rope to get us out of any puddles.
Gold will not be used to earn points, but we can spend it to get various advantageous weapons, such as flamethrowers, pump guns and grenades, but of course more weapons will be powerful and it will be more expensive to have enough ammunition; it will therefore be crucial to carefully manage your resources and not waste your arsenal. It will not be a walk to win because in addition to our opponents there are also several traps scattered around and some enemies, such as mutant miners.
It is worth pointing out that there is no trace track or a possible single player campaign: Miner Meltdown is just an immediate, simple pvp title, but for those who are looking for a particularly profound game it has little to offer
We fix the underworld thing
During the creation of our room we can choose from 3 different game modes: Diamond Rush, where we will have to collect and deposit more diamonds than opponents; Deathmatch, the classic mode in which the team wins more opponents; Finally, Crazy King, a variant of the classic “King of the Hill” where earning points will have to stay as long as possible in an illuminated area that will be moving for the rest of the encounter.
At the moment there are unfortunately few players and being able to organize matches against other humans is difficult, but developers come up with the addition of filling the missing spaces (even all) with bot of three different difficulties (easy, normal and difficult, although we recommend that you only use the latter to have a level of acceptable challenge, as the previous two are absolutely not up to standard); in order to be able to have fun enough you will need to find a group of friends willing to play with you.
Fortunately, the price is still cheap enough, and the game lacks a continuous rewritability to be able to advance and unlock new accessories for its own arsenal of war and more skin for its miner, but despite the fun experienced during the battles it is undeniable the little presence of playable content, 
could soon cause annoyance and repetition to single player lovers; the soundtrack, with little attractiveness and tiredness, combined with the few gameplay modes, certainly does not help the title situation, which at present is advisable to take small doses and with the right company to make the most of this video game .