Milan Games Week Indie 2017, the video game becomes tricolor

Milan Games Week colors in Italy
One step forward, we said, for a market – the Italian one – that year after year sees to increase its turnover with dizzying numbers (the turnover in 2016 exceeded the billions of euros, reaching 206 million in the first five months of 2017) .
And this is also achieved by the release of titles extraordinarily welcomed by critics and audiences such as Last Day of June of the Ovosonic team, MixedBag form.8, 34BigThings Redout and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle of Ubisoft Milan, with a very special tribute too at Padova’s Gamera Interactive Unit 4, to work on the equally ambitious Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdom, made in collaboration with guru Chris Avellone.
Since video game is not just a great medium of communication , Milan Games Week , thanks to the upcoming and anticipated 2017 edition. That promise is in fact the selection of Italian titles ever fuller, with a variety of genres really amazing: from puzzle games, platforms, passing through the genre horror, classic adventures tip & click and shooters.
AESVI will enable development studios to make available to visitors 40 free-of-charge stations (against only 20 views in the past MGW edition). But not only: the games will affect both the console market and the PC market, not forgetting even mobile devices and those connected to virtual reality (between HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, there is a real embarrassment to choice).
Most importantly, all those who will be present at the fair will be able to meet the developers of independent titles present at the event, a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, projects and why not, and above all, advice on the various stages of development of a videogame.
But not only: an unpublished Indie Shop will also be able to buy video games offered by various developers – both in physical and digital format – including any unlock keys (if the titles were in a Early Access phase) and dedicated merchandising. An organization, that of Milan Games Week Indie , to bring even closer to the workmen and to all those who approach the Italian video game for the first time.
The future is rosy
A few lines above we mentioned to 56 different video games, belonging to the most disparate categories and able to vary the offer as never before. Some examples: Daymare 1998 by Invader Studios, an Italian team that takes its inspiration from the classic tradition of horror survival, particularly the Seminal Resident Evil 2.
Or still, the 3DClouds All-Star Fruit Racing, a frantic and colorful race that is inspired to the famous Mario Kart replicating the fun. Last but not least, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Trinity Team’s Slaps and Beans, a two-dimensional sliding shotgun inspired by classics of the genre but starring the legendary pair of actors who have become immortal to this day. It’s not all: the titles present at Milan Games Week Indie  deserve to be quoted one by one. Below you find the complete list:
  1. Albedon Wars – Firemill Games
  2. All-Star Fruit Racing –
  3. AnimanQuiz – YumeGears
  4. Atomine – Broken Arms Games and MixedBag
  5. Beyond the Sky – Iperurania Arts
  6. Blind – Tiny Bull Studios
  7. Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps And Beans – Trinity Team
  8. Carsh – YumeGears
  9. Chronicle of Innsmouth – Adventure Productions
  10. Circle Of Sumo – Yonder
  11. Da Vinci’s Mysterious GearWorks – Melazeta
  12. DAYMARE: 1998 – Invader Studios
  13. Detective Gallo – Adventure Productions
  14. DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG – Zeno Games
  15. Don-Ay – Affinity Project
  16. Downward – Caracal Games Studio
  17. Escape From Salem – Pallas Studios
  18. Fall of Light – Runeheads
  19. Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain – Potato KIller Studios
  20. Madness Dear Father – Real Game Machine
  21. Food Invaders – LEAF Games & Software
  22. Forma8 – MixedBag
  23. Genomics – Evocentrica
  24. GRAL – Three Souls Interactive
  25. GRIDD: Retroenhanced – Antab Studio
  26. HyperParasite – Troglobytes
  27. Insidia – Bad Seed
  28. Laika2.0 – Studio Albatros
  29. Leap of Champions – LEAF Games & Software
  30. Long Island Simulator – Smoking Mirror
  31. Lost in the Dungeon – Eggon
  32. Milanoir – Italo Games
  33. Mutant Chronicles Luna City: Secret File 01 – Chroniclers Game Studio
  34. NoWHere – iMasterArt
  35. Okunoka – Luce Games
  36. Oops! – Neko8Games
  37. Potion Explosion – Studio Clangore
  38. Riot: Civil Unrest – IV Productions
  39. SBK VR – Digital Tales
  40. Selling Sunlight – CoseBelle
  41. Singularis – Dead Pixels
  42. Slime ‘n’ Swipe – Syntactic Sugar
  43. SoloCiecaFerocia – Unreal Vision
  44. SpaceStunt 2 – YumeGears
  45. Stake – 3Go Games
  46. Stuck in a pig – CINIC Games
  47. Super Cane Magic ZERO – Studio Evil
  48. Swords of Calengal – United Lines Studio
  49. Terramars – Untold Games
  50. Terrorbane – BitNine Studio
  51. The Land of Pain – Alessandro Guzzo
  52. The Quest of Yumkaax – Ducks In A Row
  53. The Wardrobe – Adventure Productions
  54. Toygeddon – Unreal Vision
  55. Wheels of Aurelia – Santa Reason and MixedBag
  56. Xydonia – Breaking Bytes