Now you will be able to defeat the universal evil in the company of his best friend, partner in Destiny , wives, sisters and even the dogs, if you can make her Mii. The villain can become a hated boss, successful friend or take the teacher, and the random characters in the local towns and palaces – Members favorite hockey team or are the same girl from your video collection 18+.

Story that happened in the country Miitopii, unpretentious. Dark Lord (not the one who you think) began to steal from the residents of the face and give them the monsters, and the company of valiant heroes went on his trip. But since all the actors we assign themselves – turns hilarious.

If you have a few friends on the console, you can create new Mii straight on a course of action or proposed use of characters, among which is full of celebrities, real or not. I organized a love triangle, where brave but helpless Satoru Iwata fought cowardly and deceitful Reggie Fils-Eymom love for Princess Midna, the daughter of King thick Gabin.

The plot in a comedy where actors you arrange themselves, – it is the third, MiitopiaIt takes first of all the fact that our people are accustomed to amusing situations. And also perform untypical for JRPG role.

Seals and flowers

Retaining some familiar elements of the genre over many conventional for Japanese “rolovok” stuff creators (and this is one of internal studios the Nintendo ) good laugh.

In addition to standard types of professions the warrior, mage and thief hero can make a cat, a pop star or a flower. However, each class will always be fighting or magic, attack and support, so that the balance in the battles get very classic. But much more interesting when the main “tank” in the team – with soft paws and sharp claws.

Miitopia game review

Professions Miitopia: everything is very serious.

Binding of JRPG in the “old school” bravado inspirational dialogues changed many jokes in the “Friends” series spirit. English here, of course, is necessary because the sharpness is very good, especially if they are somehow joined with real human behavior on the basis of which created Mii. Dialogs and scenes will gradually be repeated, but this will take a dozen hours.

In the battle with the monsters of our Fantastic Four acts in succession. Here you can only manage a main character. To help give the rest of us … castors. They make hit points or magic, resurrect the dead and give status “buffs”.

By AI honor, uncontrollable part of the team is a completely logical: using different abilities, manages to be treated and to cover his comrades. Periodically, there are moments of inconsistency, for example, when treating heroine eats banana, instead of waiting until it will not help the priest (attending mage), but in general, if you do not fad about total control over the party, no problems.

Repetition – the mother of torment

Traveling the world, we do not quite usual. Any location – a small level for five minutes, and our gang goes on his own. The player sometimes chooses where to turn, which lever to press to check whether there are suspicious rustling bushes.

And at the end of each segment is waiting for the hotel, where you can recuperate. Global Map and the traditional “flying ship” there will also be, but not immediately and not those to which you are accustomed.

With all the limitations and simplifications Miitopia reminds mobile game: it is very convenient to approach a short time, after a week’s break, you can not remember the combination of performance and equipment, looming in the background story does not make getting lost in its intricacies.

At the same time due to the microstructure of us simply provoke lengthy meetings – you promise to myself: “That’s another fork in the road, and throw”, come across an interesting “boss” or a new quest and eventually find that accumulates in one sitting and a half hours.