Might & Magic X Legacy

It’s been a while since Might & Magicit was associated more with strategy than with role. The ninth part of the classic rolero appeared in 2002 and was considered a huge disappointment that seemed to bury this name definitively. In fact, in 2003 3D0 Interactive closed its doors and put its franchises on sale: Ubisoft took over the historic Might & Magic at


a practically unbalanced price and from then on began an erratic race to take advantage of the name. On the one hand, an attempt was made to adapt the universe to an action-oriented style with Dark Messiah of Might & Magic -which turned out to be a quite remarkable


title thanks to Arkane’s work-, on the other hand the very funny strategy and puzzle game was published Clash of Heroes, and also continued with


Heroes of Might & Magic, perceived as the part that maintained more reputation and monitoring within the saga.Cloud of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen or Mandate of Heaven was only in the memory of those who enjoyed them.

But, sometimes the regrets of veterans are taken into account by those videogame gods that make and break under strange designs called “producers”. It is not known exactly how the French producer was convinced of this project, or how its development ended up in the hands of a studio, Limbic, formed by former members of Anno development and that until now


had only had F2P games of horses, fishing and other topics like that. What is known, and appreciated, is that those who have been working on this Might & Magic are big fans of the saga and have sought to make a project to suit them. Developed in Unity,


the team has set its sights on the fourth and fifth to create an open and turn-based game, with the world divided into grids and movement in four directions, just as things were before the sixth installment introduced free movement .

Might & amp;  Magic X Legacy (PC) screenshot

Guided by Julien Pirou, employee of Ubisoft, creative director of the game and big fan of Might & Magic, the project has enjoyed great independence


within the organization chart of the company, leaving Limbic to work without getting involved in the modest project, something that they have taken the opportunity to carry out an exemplary collaborative development with their fans. Knowing that the only promotion they were going to have is that they themselves could produce, the team has opted to speak directly with their community and convince them that they have really sought to make a very classic game of essence


” 70% World of Xeen“As they define it, plus some interesting touches from other similar RPGs like Wizardry – the latest from From Software. They have constantly chatted with the community, they have sought their involvement with voting on issues for


dungeons, missions and other details of the game, have created an alpha version of payment on which they have constantly iterated to get everything to have a good level of quality. Basically, it has been a long campaign similar to those we see in Kickstarter, only with a game that did not need the money but the attention and involvement of its potential buyers. And go if you notice.

After a long introduction, the game invites us directly to choose our group of four heroes. The premise of this new adventure is that we incarnate a group of raiders, a kind of association or guild of adventurers characterized by their independence, both among them and with respect


to the factual powers of the world around him. The search for knowledge, treasures and power is something that guides these agents to explore corners that few have seen in this world, accepting missions of all kinds and interacting with the best and the worst of


society, not always in friendly terms. Our group is quite novel and in fact its main objective to reach the lands where the game is developed is not very adventurous, to spread the ashes of our mentor in his city of birth,Agyn , the scene of our trip.