Microsoft Records Power Your Dreams Slogan for Xbox Series X Next Generation Console

December 13th at the ceremony The Game Awards 2019 company Microsoft officially introduced Xbox new generation. Console, previously held under the working name Project scarlett, received the name Xbox Series X. During the presentation, Microsoft used the slogan “Charge your dreams with Xbox Series X” and then reduced it to “Power Your Dreams” and applied for registration of the corresponding trademark in the patent the Bureau.

The application was accepted on December 31 and is currently under consideration. Apparently, this slogan will become the official motto of the upcoming Microsoft console. For comparison, the Xbox One already has a similar motto – the company regularly uses the phrase “Jump Ahead” in commercials and at various events. An improved version of the console, the Xbox One X, often appears in marketing documents as The World’s Most Powerful Console.

The Xbox Series X will go on sale next Christmas season. The official specifications of the console have not been disclosed. A recent rumor has it that Microsoft’s graphics capacity is about 12 teraflops and its memory bandwidth is 560 GB / s.

Earlier, analysts tried to predict the price of the Xbox Series X. In particular, Kantan Games’ Serkan Toto believes that it will be $ 499.99.

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