Microsoft promises to improve the stability of Windows 10 updates – review

Company Microsoft has long been releasing driver updates for devices within its operating systems. This allows you to update them without unnecessary problems, but it can also “break” the OS.

Often problems arise after the release of the next major update, when it turns out that some device received an unsupported driver. And they are written by equipment developers, not specialists from Redmond. The latter only integrate the turnkey solution into the overall update.

In case of problems, Microsoft blocks the deployment of the patch, but often this does not bring results, because many systems are inoperative. The company plans to change this scheme and give driver developers the ability to request a lock themselves.

That is, if an error is detected at the testing stage, then the partners of the company may request the blocking of the “failed” driver even before the start of its mass deployment. Then users will receive the update without a potentially dangerous package, which will protect the OS from failures and not stop the update.

It is assumed that the driver can be locked for 30 or 60 days, which should be enough to fix the problems. This feature should appear in the spring update of Windows 10 20H1, which is also known as 2004. There is planned to appear a separate settings section where you can manage driver updates.