Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Review – “Two Colonels” and “Sam’s Story”

The game Metro exodus from the Ukrainian-Maltese studio 4A games became one of the most notable releases of 2019. The developers once again managed to please fans of shooters with the rich atmosphere of post-nuclear Russia and even dilute the gameplay with stages in a conditionally open world.

In February 2023, the last addition to the game was released, so we decided to return to the world that survived the nuclear war and tell how valuable the add-ons became for the fans.

Two colonels”- the first of two additions – returns us to Novosibirsk and tells the story of Colonel OSKOM Khlebnikov. The game mentioned it during the passage of the last level – it was the son of this character – Cyril – who helped Artem and Melnik find satellite images.

The addition starts at the moment when Artem goes in search of a cure for Anna, and Melnik stays with Cyril for a while, while he tells him about his father. The narrative is phased in for a year, six months and three months before the events of the original game. The plot of the supplement will allow you to get a little more familiar with the life of the inhabitants of the Novosibirsk metro, show what difficulties its residents face in comparison with the metro in Moscow, and shed light on the events that led to the death of the Novosibirsk subway.

After the release of “Metro: Exodus“Many players noted that with access to open spaces they lacked the tight underground tunnels from the first two games. Obviously, the supplement “Two Colonels” is addressed to them – it is a kind of reference to Metro 2033 and Last light, returning players underground. Fans of the series will be happy to ride on a small trolley again, as well as hear the title musical theme from the first part. On the other hand, proponents of open locations from Exodus can get bored in cramped and dark dungeons that make up most of the expansion.

Unfortunately, the pleasure turned out to be very short-lived – the DLC runs at an unhurried pace in just two to three hours and offers very little really fresh content. Of the innovations here, maybe a flamethrower used to burn worm colonies from the walls of tunnels and fight mutants. But no new enemies were brought in – they were all transferred here directly from the original game. Well, it should be noted that the main character, unlike Artyom, can speak not only on loading screens, but also during the game.

In the Russian version, Khlebnikov speaks in the voice of Adam Jensen from the last two parts Deus ex. The dubbing was not bad, but occasionally the actor still dramatically dramatizes his speech.

The supplement “Two Colonels” is hardly to be considered mandatory, given the short duration and small number of innovations, but as a story about how the last sortie of Colonel Khlebnikov ended, this couple of hours can be quite interesting.