Mega Man Legacy Collection

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For all those who have lived in Mars for the past thirty years and do not know who Mega Man is, we will make a quick review of the video game history.
 Mega Man is a series of video games first appeared in 1987. The console hosting the first six chapters of the saga was the legendary NES. Once saga took prestige and fame, I proliferated on a bit ‘all platforms, going to colonize both home consoles and portable, coming even on the latest mobile phones. What made Mega Man a milestone among the platforms was its simple, slim formula at the same time. Almost all of the chapters in the saga appear as a sliding platform where our Mega Man can choose the levels to be faced in the order it prefers.
The choice must be wise because at the end of each level there will be a boss waiting for us. Millimeter jumps and millisecond shots will be required to overcome the threat, which at the end of the fight will unlock new abilities and weapons.
The order we choose to fight bosses will be vital as certain weapons will be useful to some bosses and useless against others. But now we come to us, that is where Capcom had left us, or from Chapter 6.In this new collection, we will find it completely restored and adapted to the modern pad commands, the four chapters ranging from 7 to 10. For the mature ones, if there is a cold chill along your back thinking about seventh and eighth chapter do not worry, it’s normal.
These are the chapters that in fact marked the generational leap of a historical saga, ranging from the NES 8-bit to the 16-bit SNES and then to PS1 polygonal graphics. Although they all remember them as the most unhappy chapters of the saga because of their unidentified mechanics, they still prove to be fun to play today. Less hardcore than previous and more “user friendly”, these two chapters marry to perfection with some of the most modern gameplay mechanics and therefore potentially more appealing to today’s audience.
And if the ingenious nostalgic lovers of pain and frustration have never warmly welcomed these two titles, the discourse completely changes with Chapter 9, a rare masterpiece, and the next tenth, eclipsed only by the primeval beauty of the previous chapter.
Through a return to the origins, brushed to perfection by a top quality gameplay of the highest quality, the last two chapters of the famous Mega Man saga have been able to restore a level of difficulty and contentment that was largely lacking in the series, making them a must have for all Mega Man enthusiasts and platforms in general.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 has arrived

A porting of rare beauty
That this Legacy Collection 2 was in the air, we had already guessed it for a few months: the first Legacy Collection so well sold that Capcom would be crazy about not completing the releases of its Blue Bomber.